Mystery smell at Van Ness Station explained

Van Ness Muni Station
Photo by franciscophile

Jeff (not me) has got a doozy …

Last week (or maybe the week before), the Van Ness Station smelled like farts, or a sewer line broke, or something, for several days. Pretty gross.

Then one day about 2 p.m. on my way to work, I’m heading down the stairs and this dude is walking to go up the escalator and talking on a cell phone. With his other hand, he starts grabbing at his crotch — which catches my attention.

He then pulls out his schlong, looks at me straight in the eye as we pass by each other. I look back and as he heads up the escalator, he starts pissing while talking on the phone. And there’s a lady about 10 feet ahead of him.

Just another Tuesday. I now know why the place smelled like a sewer.

Well, that explains that. Thanks for sharing, Jeff (not me)!

  1. I’d hate to be the escalator repairman.

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  2. Jeff

    I forgot to mention, the dude looked fairly normal. Not what you might think. He was just talking on his cellphone and didn’t give a f—. He’s got some “balls.”

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  3. TumultuousBill

    This is the way that the escalators are lubricated. I thought everyone knew this.

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  4. Rich

    Similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was walking through UN plaza, and there was a guy standing very close to a trashcan facing the open square. I give him a “what are you doing?” look. He backs up to expose himself peeing on the trashcan, and *yells* at me, “I’M TAKING A PISS!”

    Really doesn’t phase me anymore, living in the TL.

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