The Best Muni-Themed Wedding Ever?

When Jen F. and her husband Kevin told their friends that they were going to have a Muni-themed wedding, they were ridiculed to no end. I’m sure there were jokes about urine and body odor. But hey, if you’re reading this, you know that Muni is a big part of the life we love in San Francisco. Jen and Kevin really showed off their love for our city with their wedding. Jen tells us how and why they made Muni such a big part of their big day. There was even Muni-shaped chocolate!!!

I met Kevin on his front stoop through some mutual friends. Since we lived a stop away from each other on the 1 line, we bumped into each other all the time on our way to work. What I like to say is that we fake dated on the bus. For nearly six months, we rode the bus to work almost every day, he used the time as a way for me to get to know him, and for him to get to know me.

Muni was a huge aid in our falling in love. It gave us 30-40 minutes a day to talk to each other, which is why I call it fake dating.

On the way home from our engagement weekend we both came up with the idea that our table names could be the name of stops along the 1 route. And from there we decided that we were going to have a Muni-themed wedding.

We took our engagement pictures on Muni. Both of our save the date and wedding invitation stationery were custom-made for us with a Muni theme.

The table names were bus stops on the 1 route between California and Divisadero and Clay and Grant.

We gave our guests bus-shaped chocolate inside a box. On top of the box were Muni Fast Passes.

We even incorporated the Muni logo and graphics on the photobooth photo strips as well as our welcome brochures.

We were really happy how both the stationery and pictures on the bus turned out, and how they worked together. We got a lot of people really excited about our story and really excited about the city.

When I told everyone here in San Francisco that we were having a Muni-themed wedding, I got made fun of, or not taken seriously, and they couldn’t wrap their head around it or even fathom the idea. It was awesome to prove that a dirty, stinky bus (that is often times the bane of our existence) could be really classy and romantic.

Invitation Designer: Jack’s Master Design
Photographer: Quan D. Nguyen

Thanks, Jen! Bask in this couple’s happiness for a while before we return with more Muni stories, hopefully one from you!

  1. D.

    Pretty neat! Just curious if they got all the old Fast Passes via a Craigslist post or something.

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  2. So much win!

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  3. Kevin

    It wasn’t an easy task to get all those fast passes. We harassed our friends and coworkers and luckily had a few friends who had a bunch them around their house

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  4. Leslie

    this is awesome. so well done!

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  5. JenofLA

    Very cool! Ride into the sunset, you two!

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  6. Michelle

    This is rad! I love Jen’s dress! So awesome!

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  7. Anna

    Hi! I’m the invitation designer who got to work on this great wedding. The theme was so much fun to design for! Hopefully it will inspire more Muni weddings!

    My website is – link seems to be broken :)

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    • eugenia

      Fixed. Thank you, Anna! Beautiful invites!

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      • Anna

        Thank you!!

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  8. Michelle

    Does anyone know where she got that awesome dress?

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    • Jen F.

      Hi Michelle,

      I got the dress from Bridal Galleria in the Embarcadero Center. The designer is Marisa. Glad you like it!


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  9. Richart

    I think any resident of SF would appreciate a wedding with as cool of a theme as this. The muni is a lot cleaner than the NYC subway.

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  10. Daishin

    aww…how bizarre!

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