Can’t Get Enough of Muni-Simulation Video Games

Video games answer all kinds of fantasies: run through a dungeon, battle intergalactic forces, sniper-shot a deer. And make over Muni.


At least one video game company seems to think so. Rider Will sent us a tip that Paradox Interactive has released the U.S. Cities Pack of their “Cities in Motion” game. The cities in the game includes San Francisco and you can design the entire Muni system, from routes to wages to fares!

Happy building, indeed. And safe, timely driving, young padawans!

Check out the trailer for the new U.S. version of Cities in Motion.

  1. This reminds me, I bought that German Muni simulator when I was in Berlin. Need to get around to playing that at some point.

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    • jeff

      Yes, you do. Tell us about it once you do.

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