Muni Centennial kicks off with a ride on Car No. 1

Local regular folk and dignitaries alike kicked off Muni’s centennial celebration today at the San Francisco Railway Museum. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Ed Lee, and a whole host of local elected officials celebrated Muni’s 100th birthday by riding in the meticulously restored Streetcar #1.

Among the more memorable things said:
Mayor Ed Lee: “Muni is such an important part of every San Franciscan’s life.” (We couldn’t agree more!)
Supervisor David Chiu: “Love it or hate it, everyone has a Muni story.” (YES!!!!!)

Just after the speeches, VIPs got on board Car No. 1 and went for a stroll down Market Street. Car No. 1 first entered service on Dec. 28, 1912, when Muni was first launched. The historic streetcar is set to join the F-Market/Wharves fleet. We can’t wait to ride it.

As a part of the centennial celebration, Muni Diaries is launching our “100 Days, 100 Muni Stories” project: your story can appear in an ad inside the bus! Sounds like Supervisor Chiu has at least a story or three.

Here are some photos from this morning’s event. Special thanks to Market Street Railway for all its hard work getting these moving museums back into service.

Car No. 1 makes its way down Steuart before turning west onto Market

Sen. Feinstein and Mayor Lee unveil the official Muni centennial logo

  1. Paul J. Lucas

    Here are some photos I took of Car #1 on April 1 (no foolin’):

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    • jeff

      Awesome! Lucky duck!

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  2. Emily Elizabeth via Facebook


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  3. Paul

    Progress! Dianne Feinstein in pants. As I remember, when she was mayor she insisted that the women in her office wear dresses. In any case it’s nice to have Car 1 back in service.

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