New SFMTA Logo Looks Familiar, Pt. 2

Last week, SFMTA unveiled the winner of its crowdsourced logo contest. We thought it looked an awful lot like the Golden Gate Transit logo, and we posted about that on Muni Diaries.

Today, @HellaSamar brings to our attention another interesting tidbit: The winning logo for SFMTA looks even more like the Akta Web Studio logo than it does the GGT logo.


  1. Erik

    IME “Crowdsourced” = “cut & pasted from somewhere else by an anonymous person”

  2. This web design company’s logo seems to vary greatly from one page on their site to the next. Which, for a web design company, is pretty embarassing.

    That said, whoever decided that a logo representing vehicles making 90 degree turns should go with the slogan “Moving FORWARD together” needs to get their head examined. What a joke.

    • LOL Eric I hadn’t thought of the 90 degree turn thing in relation to the tag line “move forward.”

  3. This is, of course, why you don’t crowdsource your creative shit. Not anyone can do it. For fuck sake, choose someone based on their portfolio and pay them. If The Gap couldn’t pull this off then no one can.

    • BK

      Hear hear!

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