Found: The Crocodile King of Muni

Photo via Reddit

Folks on Reddit are buzzing about The Crocodile King of Muni. I used to see this guy walking around my old neighborhood in the Richmond, and here he is on Muni in his full crocodile glory. Check him out from top to bottom, especially those crocodile shoes! And did you notice his tie? So few people take this much care into a coordinating look. This is an outfit worthy of the word “epic.”

According to commenters on Reddit, “he has an equally awesome car. Kinda makes it even sweeter to see him on a bus making sure the Muni commuters are exposed to the swag.”

“No one has ever won as hard as this gentleman is currently winning.”

That about says it all.

  1. City Walker

    Forget about the croc guy. Who is that babe next to him? I would like to meet her!

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  2. omg FTW

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  3. j

    girl needs to learn how to sit without legs ajar. and sorry to be old fashioned, but the bug bite/scars? come on. please, SF. urgh.

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