Alert: Hot Scot on Muni

Photo by @Anzermo

Stop the presses. There is a hot Scot on the bus. Or at least @Anzermo thinks so.

While the degrees of hotness definitely depend on personal preference, I can see why this dapper Muni passenger was bestowed the title of “Hot Scot on the bus.” Let’s break it down:

  • He is checking his phone and indifferent to his own spectacular style.
  • His tie matches his kilt.
  • His socks look woolly and comfortable, hinting at potentially muscular calves.

My only regret is that we can’t see his shoes.

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  1. Anzermo

    Upon further observation, he was also packing a knife in his right sock!
    And the shoes were dressy, laced up around his ankles. Traditional.

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    • eugenia

      Yes! Info about his shoes! Now the picture is complete :)

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