Super Festive Muni Station Booth!

festive muni station
Photo by @silverhallide

Even if you hate Christmas music and holidays in general, you kind of have to love this festive Muni station booth, as photographed by @silverhallide.

What else did you see around town today? Send your photos this way!

  1. joe

    What station is that? Wonderful reporting.

    • Tara

      Perhaps photographer @silverhallide can fill us in, as another reader asked (politely) the same question on Instagram.

      The info wasn’t provided with the photo, but this was just too damned festive to sit on.

  2. fermata

    the booth underground by the Muni tracks at Embarcadero station are pretty festive too

  3. fermata

    i mean the decorations on the booth are festive…

  4. Marielle Horan via Facebook

    Van Ness?

  5. Emily Drennen via Facebook

    Castro! For sure.

  6. Tammy Zo Pollard via Facebook


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