So Sorry About Your Embarrassing Muni Moment

muni fare gate
Photo by John Pavliga

Rider Evan S. noticed a rider in distress:

So the other day I got off at the Van Ness station and saw a woman frantically running between turnstiles. It looked like she was tapping her Clipper Card over and over again. She seemed very upset. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was trying to tap her paper transfer ticket from the bus…#thestruggle

It’d be pretty cool if you could tap your paper transfer, though.

p.s. Unrelated question: what is the appropriate usage of hashtags in non-tweet sentences or regular speech?

  1. Dexter Wong

    Didn’t someone try to point out the error and correct her? She was doing something that was pointless.

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  2. D

    Or maybe she was caught in a ‘causality loop…’

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