Updates: Man disrobes, reenacts Red Hot Chili Peppers photo on the 1-California

Image by KTVU via SF Weekly

Update (6:21 p.m., Friday): Dude didn’t limit himself to the 1-California. He appears to be on a mission, expanding to the 47-Van Ness and 38-Geary, at least. He appears to be on a mission, however ballsy (literally!):

Muni rider Rebecca: “Never a dull moment #living in #SF. My morning #treat on #SFMUNI #BusLine47 Van Ness. All he had was a #sock on his #penis and #shoes!”

And Muni driver Josh says, “This dude rode on my 38 Geary bus yesterday…”

Original: Riders on the 1-California bus yesterday afternoon got to know one of their fellow passengers far better than they wanted to when the man stripped naked and put a sock over his penis.

According to SF Weekly’s The Snitch, the Muni driver stopped the bus and demanded that the man put his clothes back. The man refused, and police were called. Passengers boarded another bus after a delay of about an hour. The 19-year-old man eventually put his clothes back on and was not arrested.

KTVU has NSFW footage of the incident showing the scantily clad fellow waving, posing for onlookers and explaining why nothing he did was illegal. It’s true what they say: The best-looking Muni riders, ponytail and penis socks included, can be found on the 1-California.

  1. Henry

    This guy was at the Board of Supes on Tuesday asking for clarification during a time when the floor was open to those opposing the Sunday meters CEQA appeal. Apparently, he’s went off-topic at other MTA-related meetings before seeking information. Bless this kid.

  2. D.

    Pretty obvious this guy didn’t get enough attention from mommy and daddy as a kid…

    I’m sure they’re all proud of him now!

  3. Alicia Schmidt via Facebook


  4. Paul Miller via Facebook

    I couldn’t find anything to go with my running shoes so….

  5. Carly Phelps via Facebook

    Oh my…Abbey Road is in England, sir. But I applaud the chutzpah…maybe.

  6. Sam Foster

    His “right” to run around naked does not supersede my right not to deal with him getting his ass bacteria all over everything.

  7. jg

    Bikini Wax?

  8. jg

    That woman looks disgusted..and rightly so.

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