Random nice gesture on Muni or kind of creepy? You decide

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Here is a kind of cute (I think) Muni moment on the 38-Geary from @saytchy on Instagram, who reports: “Some dude on the bus was making cranes, and offering them to female passengers.”

But what about the dudes, dude? Is this kind of odd or kind of cute? Can’t decide, but I do love a surprise moment or two in my week, like a little drawing or a lovely tune.

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Video: When the 38-Geary is your lifeblood

Storyteller Jesse James and his mom visited San Francisco years before he would eventually moved to the city, and Muni was a large part of the impression Jesse was left with. “All of my stories are on the 38, because it’s the lifeblood …”

Put on your earbuds and enjoy his story over lunch…or on your commute home. This story was recorded at Muni Diaries Live on April 16, 2016, at the Elbo Room. Did you know we’re always looking for storytellers much like yourselves? Pitch your own Muni story at muni.diaries.sf@gmail.com.

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Karma rewards good Samaritan with the best 38-Geary ride

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Here’s evidence that karma really rewards random kindness. Muni rider Dave said that he had possibly his best ride on the 38-Geary when he decided to help a woman carry her heavy groceries from the bus.

This evening, I was honored to help a woman named Maral carry her groceries home from the bus stop. Maral is preparing for a party on Sunday and after spending the whole day shopping for groceries, she ended up with more than she could carry.



“The bread is light,” she said, “but the pork and vegetables are so heavy.”



Maral is from Armenia, and her husband is recovering from successful open heart surgery three months ago.



“I went to the hospital and I yelled at him him, ‘You do not die yet! You do not die!’ And, he did not die.” She laughed. “I did not even cry.” Then she paused. “Actually, I cry a lot. But not at the hospital.”

Maral told Dave more about her life on their way back to her house, and even tries to offer Dave some money for being such a nice guy (of course he said no). Read the rest of his story on Medium, and see a photo of two new friends who met on the Muni.

Photo by @jeffro9ers

Muni Moment: Pre-sneeze puppy on the 38-Geary


Have you ever tried to take a photo of a puppy? They do this thing where, you see them doing something cute, you queue your camera, and right as the shutter goes off, they stop doing the cute thing. Freakin’ dogs, am I right?

However, Muni rider Derek recently won the lottery of puppy photos. He snapped the pic above and says, “I saw the cute little face and asked the owner if I could snap a pic. She said “Sure!” and right after I did the little cutie sneezed an adorable puppy sneeze! Gesundheit little one!”


Thursday: Pub Crawl on the 38-Geary


Save your cab fare and hit a couple of bars tonight on the 38-Geary with your fellow riders and the San Francisco Transit Riders Union. We’ll be there to give away a raffle prize of a pair of tickets to Muni Diaries Live, with seats saved just for the winners. That’s right: no standing in line; just waltz in and say your name at the door!

The 38-Geary Pub Crawl will visit three bars in four hours, with each stop close enough so hopefully you don’t sober up too much under the florescent lighting in the bus.

By the way, did you know the 38-Geary is oldest original Muni line, and the most storied line on Muni Diaries? Seven years of documenting your bus rides don’t lie! Could tonight be the night for the second episode of this Missed Connection Love Story? Or an opportunity for a night time goat sighting? Whatever happens, just don’t be this guy.

From the good folks at SFTRU:

Meet us at any stop along the way from Civic Center to the Inner Richmond, or ride the whole route.

6PM: Edinburgh Castle Pub , 950 Geary St (btw Larkin St & Polk St)

7:30PM: The Pig & Whistle, 2801 Geary Blvd (near Masonic btw Collins St & Wood St)

9PM: Richmond Republic Draught House, 642 Clement St (btw 7th Ave & 8th Ave)

Can’t get enough of the 38? For a pretty decent day time trip, we have a 38-Geary Perfect Day Plan for you.

Photo by Muni rider Caroline

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