4 New Unofficial Rules on Muni

muni f car by lynn f
Photo by Lynn Friedman

According to you guys on Twitter, there are some new important unofficial rules on Muni.

1. Don’t ever ask why it smells like rotten fish. (via @meganjelene)

2. When the bus is empty, for god’s sake, don’t sit next to someone. (@ericshin)

3. Summer officially begins when tourists take Muni to Fisherman’s Wharf (@c_vogelsang)

4. People who talk on speakerphone on Muni are the worst (and will be publicly shamed?). (@KaiKronfield)

What’s your Muni fight club rule? Inquiring minds want to know!

  1. Dexter Wong

    I would guess that some fisherman ditched his lousy catch.

    • Sam Foster

      My experience it is the fish (assuming) soup in the pink bags. At least on the 38.

  2. Dexter Wong

    Gee, I thought it was summer when you saw the first tourist shivering in his shorts!

  3. Dexter Wong

    Another answer for rule 1: So that’s where I lost my Chinese Preserved Fish!

  4. Dexter Wong

    Rule 2 is to hide that the fact we have forgotten our social skills and don’t want to reveal that.

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