Van Ness Station

So Sorry About Your Embarrassing Muni Moment

muni fare gate
Photo by John Pavliga

Rider Evan S. noticed a rider in distress:

So the other day I got off at the Van Ness station and saw a woman frantically running between turnstiles. It looked like she was tapping her Clipper Card over and over again. She seemed very upset. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was trying to tap her paper transfer ticket from the bus…#thestruggle

It’d be pretty cool if you could tap your paper transfer, though.

p.s. Unrelated question: what is the appropriate usage of hashtags in non-tweet sentences or regular speech?

SFPD Releases Video of Bicyclist Attacking Muni Station Agent

The San Francisco Police Department released this video of a bicyclist who attacked a Muni station agent. This happened at the Van Ness station when the agent told said bicyclist that he couldn’t take his bike on the train.

From SFGate:

The assault happened Oct. 10 around 7:40 p.m. after the bicyclist tried to pass through the fare gates at the station with his bike, police said.

The station agent on duty, a 55-year-old man, told the bicyclist he could not bring his bike into the station, but the man ignored him, lifted his bike over the railing and jumped over the railing himself.

The station agent suffered serious injuries from blows to his head and has not been able to return to work, SFGate reports. The San Francisco Police Department website has two more closeup photos of the assailant from the surveillance video.

From the SFPD: Anyone with information is asked to contact S.F.P.D. Muni Task Force at (415) 832-8338 or the anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or text-a-tip to TIP411, and begin the text with SFPD.

Mystery smell at Van Ness Station explained

Van Ness Muni Station
Photo by franciscophile

Jeff (not me) has got a doozy …

Last week (or maybe the week before), the Van Ness Station smelled like farts, or a sewer line broke, or something, for several days. Pretty gross.

Then one day about 2 p.m. on my way to work, I’m heading down the stairs and this dude is walking to go up the escalator and talking on a cell phone. With his other hand, he starts grabbing at his crotch — which catches my attention.

He then pulls out his schlong, looks at me straight in the eye as we pass by each other. I look back and as he heads up the escalator, he starts pissing while talking on the phone. And there’s a lady about 10 feet ahead of him.

Just another Tuesday. I now know why the place smelled like a sewer.

Well, that explains that. Thanks for sharing, Jeff (not me)!

M-car Grinds the Lip at Van Ness Station


This just in from Muni rider Christopher:

I was riding an M-car inbound today just around 2:30 PM. There was a strange K-KLAK sound of metal-on-metal between Church and Van Ness — like the streetcar had run over something on the tracks.

This being Muni, I thought nothing of it.

But as we arrived at Van Ness, the same noise repeated as the the streetcar entered the station. The M-car came to an ordinary halt, and the driver calmly asked everyone to disembark. That was when I noticed the front streetcar’s left main door was jammed open.

School-kids playing hooky flashed V-for-victory signs for their friends’ digital cameras in front of the huge side panel of the streetcar that was now folded unnaturally above the lip of the station’s boarding platform.

However it had come undone enough to impact whatever flipped it over the platform’s edge, the lock on the side of the streetcar had been torn through right through the panel.

To his credit, the Muni driver kept the situation mellow and casual.

I exited to the street and legged it to the 14 so as to avoid the crowd on the F-car.



All images by Christopher Rogers