Muni Manners Photo Contest

The good ladies at Muni Manners have announced a transit photo contest. They’re calling for submissions from now until September 15. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this from Bayview or Baton Rouge (I’m assuming there’s a bus system there) — the ladies are looking for shots of any system, including international ones.

We’ll most likely be linking to the final result, once it’s compiled. We’ll leave a page at the top of Muni Diaries with all the info you need. Tell your transit-riding friends!


  • A

    This is quite possibly the most idiotic, useless, yet pretentious blog I have ever seen. It’s the bus. Buses suck. And who cares?

  • “Idiotic, useless, AND pretentious,” eh? really? all three? we weren’t offended until you got to pretentious. does your criticism have anything to do with the Muni Manners photo contest?

    for the record, Muni Diaries has plenty of positive posts about our beloved transit system. case in point: Beth W’s post from earlier today about a little boy saying hi to her on a light-rail. we aim to be much more than a place for people to bitch. and we want everyone to contribute.

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