Muni set to test Translink fare card

You’ve all probably seen the Translink fare reader on some of the Muni lines and wondered when we can finally use it (and for me, when I can stop looking for two damn quarters in my purse every time I ride – I am too much of a slacker to buy monthly passes on time).

Well, here it is. SFGate reports that Muni is set to test the Translink fare cards with 1000 agency employees starting Monday.

San Francisco Chronicle reports:

There already are about 15,000 TransLink transactions a month on Muni, mainly by those who also use the fare card on AC Transit and Golden Gate Transit, the first two agencies to get the program. “It has not been easy to get to this point,” Muni chief Nathaniel Ford said Tuesday.

Read the rest of Muni set to test Translink fare card.

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