Obama on The Tube – Can Muni be next?

UK blogger Jake Stride snapped a picture of an Obama poster at the Bank London Underground station (via the fantastic London Underground Tube Diary). As the blog reports, there was no branding attached to the poster, which was a part of a series of photos that included the Cern Collider, a woman doing yoga, and various other seemingly unrelated things.

It turns out that this is a series of advertisements – a teaser campaign – by the Times. Clever, no?

With the election heating up here, have you seen any election-related ads on Muni or its stations? I don’t think I have seen official ones (and probably unlikely too). However, I certainly have been very tempted to ask fellow riders who they are voting for, and in the unlikely chance that they are going the way of Alaska, I might just give them a piece of my mind.

I remember that in 2004, after voting on election day, I was on the 1 California and saw a lot of other people wearing the I Voted stickers. I was too shy to give them a high five even though I wanted to, but this election I just might!

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