FastPass Giving

The nice ladies at Muni Manners have posted about a program wherein, if you’re leaving town for the holidays, you can donate your FastPass at one of three locations, and they’ll see to it that they’re used and used for a good cause.

Republished here, without permission (cuz it’s Saturday night and I don’t want to bother trying to track them down. Hi guys! Hope you don’t mind.):

Going Home for the Holidaze?
As the market tanks and layoffs loom, we’re all tightening our belts. This means we can’t be as generous with our holiday spirit. Well, we’ve found a simple way for riders to give back to the com-Muni-ty without spending a dime. Leaving town for the holidays and leaving a perfectly good transit ticket behind? Gift a ride by donating your used Muni Fast Pass! All passes will be collected and donated to local women’s shelters – to help women who are seeking refuge gain transportation to and from a safe haven this holiday season. It’s as easy as dropping off your Muni Fast Pass in the marked boxes at participating locations around San Francisco from December 10 through December 21. No matter how you’re traveling this season, we Muni Ladies wish you smooth riding. As you leave town for the holidays, remember to donate your fast pass. It’s the warm and fuzzy thing to do!

* Safeway, 2300 16th St @ Potrero Ave
* Safeway, 2020 Market St @ Church St
* One Market Lobby @ Security Desk


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