Self-conscious realization gone wrong

Is this you? Please don’t talk on the phone so loudly next time.

I realize you were lost on your way to meet friends and Muni did you some horrible injustice (welcome to the club). But once you say “Wait, I’m bothering people on the bus” to whoever you’re talking to, you basically have about 30 seconds to get off the phone before you become the biggest asshole on the bus. FAIL. Visit Muni Manners for more helpful hints!



  • So how long did she continue talking on the phone AFTER she admitted to herself to be bothering people on the bus? I gotta admit that I have been a phone hag a few times on the bus, before my Muni Diaries days. And I’ve also been “that person” at the Whole Foods check out line maybe three times this year. But I’ve changed my rude, rude ways, I swear!

  • WWT: She was loud enough, basically at the level where she was making no effort to turn her head into the corner or keep her voice down.

    Eugenia: Dude, she was still talking on the phone when she got off the bus at some point on Van Ness (this was a 49). Probably another five minutes. The first couple minutes were complaints about how she didn’t know where her friends were, then it devolved into gossip.

  • Not only on buses, but in general, walking around, I’ve often thought it would be nice if there were a way to talk into a phone silently. Consider it the microphone equivalent of headphones.

    Sorry, everybody, I don’t want to hear your conversation. Not in my ear as I wait to cross the street. Not from across the bus. Not anywhere. Keep it down, and keep it to yourself.

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