‘Squeeze the chicken’: One ingenious solution to broken transit

Not that chicken.

A tip via reader Marcin W., Jannina Uribe tweeted this ingenious solution to a broken stop request from a bus in Mexico. She reports that the written message translates to: “Bell out of order. Squeeze the chicken.”

Insert any number of chicken/Muni/and choke-the-chicken jokes here.

In the spirit of international cooperation, we occasionally have a look-see at what’s happening on transit around the world, including a most Pride-ready tram in Amsterdam, these dope bus shelters in Austria, and transit etiquette guidelines from Taipei, hometown of Muni Diaries cofounder Eugenia.

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Mannerly must-have for Muni riders: letterpress etiquette cards

letterpress bus etiquette muni diaries by huneymungerdontcare

Someone found a classy way to complain about a very annoying habit on Muni — those damn backpacks! Direct from the Muni Diaries Instagram inbox, artist Emma Munger sends us her very first letter press project:bus etiquette cards. Emma says:

My first letterpress project is something I can hand out to the dickheads of public transportation #takemycard

No, please, for the love of god, take her card.

Inconsiderate backpack carriers on Muni have been called a lot of names — turtles, for example — in our transit-riding community. You hate having backpacks bumping into you so much that our very first Spanish submission was about this universal pet peeve.

The powers that be assure us that they’re aware. A lot of ink has been spilled about how you should just take the damn thing off on a crowded bus. BART made a PSA about it. It’s the number two complaint from Muni riders (can you guess what numero uno is?). But that has yet to translate into common commute courtesy.

Check out Emma’s online store of her other very cool work.

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Pants, Check: Lost and Found on Muni

Photo: nelz9999

100 Muni StoriesSome of our favorite stories are those of lost and found. Love. Clipper Cards. Pants?

@Robbie_Lawrence‘s tweet tells a compelling, centennial-worthy tale in Twitter-size bites:

lost my pants and my wallet one night. Month later a homeless guy brought it to me saying was on 5-Fulton

Score one for humanity.

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Man Successfully Reaches New Low at Millbrae BART

Photo by Charles Haynes

Transit etiquette and decent human behavior, yet again, flew out the window at Millbrae BART, dropping the chivalry index to a record low.

No, seriously. This was my morning: BART was running at least 15 minutes late to Millbrae, so people on my BART train making the Millbrae Caltrain connection were getting visibly antsy. It looked like we would miss the bullet train, after which the local Caltrain only comes every hour. As the Millbrae BART train pulled in, we could see that a Caltrain was already waiting at the opposite platform, but we would have to go upstairs to cross the platform and then down another set of stairs to catch it.

The BART train stops and everybody makes a mad scramble to the fare gates. As I walked up to the faregate and reached out to scan my Clipper card, a young man (Silicon Valley type, corporate backpack), leaped over two other people to jump in front of me to scan his Clipper card.

His Clipper card didn’t scan so the fare gate was still closed, so he hoisted himself up to jump the gate, kicking up his feet to nick me right in the shin, breaking skin (I was wearing a skirt and heels on account of the great weather today). No apologies.

None of us made the train.

How about this for an etiquette rule: don’t take fellow riders out at the knees (or the shins). Now does anyone have a Band-Aid for me?

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