Pub crawl round-up

The first Muni Diaries pub crawl was a success! Despite some of us forgetting what time the festivities began *points at self*, a nice little group of us met up first at Lucky 13, surrounding a table covered in happy-hour pints, Goldfish crackers, popcorn and Muni Diaries buttons.

From there, we NextBus’d a 22, which we thought we were boarding. The marquis on the bus that pulled up read, “S.F. Muni,” and the driver asked everyone who boarded where they wanted to go. If their desired stop was along the route to (presumably) the Potrero yard, they were allowed gratis entry. Those of us ready to fork over fare lucked out, thanks to this exceedingly generous driver.


From there, we swung over to Dalva, where we happened to bump into Greg from N-Judah Chronicles on his way out. We convinced Greg and his brother to stick around, and they did. We picked up a couple more crawlers at Dalva (which, for the record, is an iPhone 3G and EDGE dead zone, thus the Twitter drop off last night), then proceeded to Mission to await a 14 or 49.

That bus didn’t come when it promised (naturally), and, ahem, we ended up walking. Yes, at a transit-website’s pub crawl.

By the time we got to 20th, a 49 (naturally) materialized out of nowhere, taunting us with its tardy presence. Jenny broke out her best Marion Jones (sprinting, not doping) and hightailed it after the bus. We weren’t about to break a sweat, but little did we know poor Jenny was propping the doors for us. Eventually, the driver had enough, and we had crossed the street anyway. Thanks, Jenny?

We ended the night at Doc’s Clock, where a few more devotees joined the fun.

Big thanks to everyone who came out, and to Lucky 13 for being really cool about the whole thing, in addition to just being a really great watering hole.

Check out photos from the night in this Flickr set I threw together. If you were there and have more pics, send them to our gmail account.


  • the Muni driver who held the doors open for me was not very happy. he seemed especially spiteful when i exited one stop later. sorry guy. i was just exercising my right as a fastpast holder.

    it was great fun. and my nextbus muni texting abilities really came in handy last night. way faster than browsing the site.

  • It was awesome to see you all last night! A great way to end the day for sure! Dalva must have lead lined walls or something…I couldn’t even get on wifi there!

  • Looks like it was really good times even though you had to skip some of the public transit!

  • joe

    kari and i had such a good time meeting everyone. thanks for pub crawl, it was a great idea!

  • Michael Smith

    Dang. As head of engineering at NextBus I was hoping to join in to get feedback from folks on what we could do better. But I had to be in LA that evening to deal with their bus system, which believe it or not is much better than ours in certain ways.

  • Sweet! Now I know a bar where I can drop off the grid entirely. It’s even getting hard to disappear in some of the dives on the west side.

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