• Beth W.

    Ha! I noticed those quote-marks around the “warning” this week, too.

  • Beth, so did I!!! Such coincidence that Bhautik sent it to us. I “love” stuff like this.

  • The quotation marks don’t bother me nearly as much as the fact that Big Brother is recording my life even when I’m on the bus. I understand this is for “crime prevention” but I want to know: who is reviewing/listening to what’s happening on the bus, and what have they found?

  • Erik

    Probably no one looks at the videos unless there is an incident of some kind. I doubt Big Brother employs a team of lip-readers to watch all of the videos and keep records of your top-secret bus ride conversations.

  • If the Muni cameras are like the ones in SF taxicabs, a large percentage of them don’t work. I have spoken to a number of cabbies who told me that many of their cameras are busted — as many as a third, according to one guy who said he had talked to lots of other drivers about it.

    As for the quotation marks, they’re a constant trial. I have to make myself not look at them so I don’t get up and mark them with a proofreader’s deletion loop. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to correct the unnecessary apostrophe’s in the produce “department” at my local “market.”

  • Less of a warning, more of an advisory. So the quote marks are actually kind of appropriate!

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