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More sci-fi on a Muni seat


You always want a seat on Muni, but you’re smart enough to look first. At least, that’s the hope around here.

Muni rider Michael looked first, that’s for sure. And he was shocked to discover what you see above. WTF? Melted blue Otter Pops, or what’s left of the aliens who abducted your sister on the bus? Michael only had this to say: “unidentified, blue, liquid puddles on the seats of [sic] the muni.”

Just last week, we learned of a mysterious glob that was spotted on the seat of a Muni LRV. What’s next?

Transit News: Muni light-rail contract, BART labor relations, BART wheel flaws, 14-Mission turns 120

Photo by Kevin Micalizzi

  • Muni Painter Arrested On Suspicion Of Stealing City Gas (SF Appeal)
  • Siemens lands massive San Francisco Muni light rail contract (SF Business Times)
  • BART directors pledge to improve rocky relations with workers (SFGate)
  • BART finds flaws in 23 metal wheels on 20 train cars (CC Times)
  • Happy 120th to the 14-Mission! (Market Street Railway)

Transit News: New Muni LRV funding, fare hike reaction, fare-pay app explored, second BART Transbay Tube floated, Muni accidents

Photo by Matt’ Johnson

  • Supervisors committee approves $1.2B contract for new Muni light-rail vehicles (SF Examiner)
  • Extra 25 Cents Irks Muni Riders Unhappy With Service (Mission Local)
  • SFMTA in talks to build a smartphone ticketing app (Business Insider)
  • 2nd Transbay Tube needed to help keep BART on track (SFGate)
  • Pedestrian hit by Muni light-rail train in Bayview (SFGate)
  • Minivan Strikes Cyclist, Crashes Into Muni Bus (SFist)
  • The Green Cross’ Debut Muni Ads Keep It Classy (SFGate)

May the N-Judah be with you


It’s not every day that Millennium Falcon pilot and all-around bad-ass Chewbacca rides Muni. In fact, it takes the annual Giants’ Star Wars hoorah at AT&T Park to get this Wookie on the N-Judah.

We’re guessing he’s headed toward some wretched hive of scum and villainy out in the Sunset somewhere.

Chewy was last spotted in cardboard-cutout form on Muni. Glad he left the crossbow at home this time.

Via 7×7.

Faith in humanity restored on Muni? Say it ain’t so …

Photo by Sam Ejnes

I mean, I guess it was bound to happen at some point, right? Given the law of averages and everything, good things can and do happen on Muni. Here are some recent examples:

  • anyone feeling sad today: get on the 1 Calif. number 5543, driver is wearing a Santa hat singing Spanish & yelling at cars
  • I want to be as excited about something as kids are to pull the stop cord on the bus.
  • Man doing an impression of bear speaking in tongues on 30 Stockton. #muni
  • Just witnessed a young boy hold the #sfmuni doors open for a few minutes so an elderly woman could catch up

I’m as cynical as they come, but these tweets make me think there might be hope for humanity. Wait, no, sorry about that. I won’t let it happen again.

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This Muni cake is here to make your day

Photo by Pretty Please

Combining two of the most San Francisco things in one cake, Alison at Pretty Please Bakeshop in the Richmond whipped up this amazing Muni bus wedding cake with a big Giants ad on its side! The cake was for Lisa and her husband Mark, who met on a 1-BX Muni bus they both use to take to and from work.

Lisa told us the story of how they met. If this doesn’t encourage you to make more bus friends, I don’t know what will! (more…)