Transit News: Crumbling, costly Sunset tunnel, keeping cable cars in top form


Fresh batch of Muni news for you. And in case you missed it, cell service is coming to Muni Metro, making it so much easier to, say, submit your latest Muni moment on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

– Sunset tunnel’s crumbing interior may end $19 Mil renovation (Biz Journal)
– Keeping the cable cars in top form (
– Unpopular Taraval plan approved in the name of safety (SFGate)
– In case you missed it: Cell service approved for Muni metro subway (

Photo by @jachristian

Boo: Muni Metro seat is totally horror-movie origin story


Oddly terrifying face/beginning of a horror movie appears burned into a Muni Metro seat. Sweet dreams!

Oh, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. While there have been some X-Files-worthy substances on Muni Metro seats — doesn’t matter if it’s black or white — let’s end on a positive. Like when it wishes you “a good-ass day” or gets really happy to see you.

“Fantastic” Muni voyage

Cute, cool, rad, awesome, bitchin’ … I could go on, but I’ll just step back and let Muni rider Beth take over:

Normally I don’t like loud music on the bus, or funk, but an old dude was blasting this today and singing along and saying “welcome aboard!” to new passengers and it was kind of perfect.

I take issue with Beth’s use of “kind of” here, but that’s just me being all literal and shit.

Have a great weekend, fellow Muni voyagers!

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