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Transit News: Free Muni for special-ed students, BART earthquake warning system, BART crime app, harassment on Muni and BART

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

  • SF approves free Muni for special-education students (SF Examiner)
  • BART’s Earthquake Early Warning System Could Have Broader Applications (SF Appeal)
  • Pedestrian fatally struck by Muni bus on Geary Boulevard (SF Examiner) || Berkeley man IDd as Muni collision victim (SFGate)
  • BART Police Unveil Crime Reporting App (SF Appeal)
  • Harassment on Muni and BART under-reported (Mission Local)

Which way to BART and cable cars?


Found on Spear Street near Mission, where one would never need adequate wayfinding signs. What’s a Transbay Transit Center? Where is the cable car? Important questions, these.

Between this and fingernail clipping on the streetcar today—that lady and her errant nail bits proved a fine ambassador to our even finer city—I’d like to extend my warmest welcome alongside heaps of good luck to you tourists.

Thanks to Amy of @cappstreetcrap and Tiny Rides for the pic.

At least you didn’t get into a fight with a Muni sign today

Unless that’s your thing, of course.

This probably wasted dude in London just wasn’t having it. The UK’s Express reports from eyewitnesses:

“He started punching the sign and miming getting hit back by it. His acting skills were quite admirable and he completely threw himself into his little crazy role-play. We were rooting for him.”

I wonder who rooted for the sign.

How Not to Make a Three-Point Turn

Photo by Gary via Muni rider Deb

UPDATE: Photog and submitter say this was a training bus: Double oof, if so.

In all fairness, it is really, really hard to make a three-point turn in the city.

Muni rider Deb shared this photo by Gary on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. Oof, right on the busy corner of Stockton and Columbus, too, where I wouldn’t even want to drive a Smart car, much less an articulated bus.

Apparently, after a couple more tries (blocking traffic all the while), the bus driver finally was able to get out of the way without taking down the tree or the building. No word on whether his or her pride was intact.