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Gizmodo writer finds the ultimate competitor for Leap buses

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Gizmodo writer and Muni Diaries Live alum Annalee Newitz took her first Leap journey and found that on purely the usability level, there is another app that beats Leap’s service for a very simple reason. Her story details the slightly confusing morning of trying to find the Leap bus, and then this happened:

First, it didn’t even have an Android app – to buy my coffee, I had to borrow the iPhone app of the woman working behind the counter. More importantly, Leap’s mobile site didn’t tell me when the next bus would be coming. Sure, Leap promises that they will come every 15 minutes during the hours when they run. But I couldn’t time my arrival at the bus stop because Leap wouldn’t tell me when the bus was coming. The teeny blue bus icon didn’t even show up on their real-time map until it was about a block away from my stop.

This wouldn’t seem like such an affront if it weren’t for the fact that San Francisco’s public transit system uses an app called NextBus which is actually ridiculously helpful. It geolocates you, and gives you a list of arrival times for all the buses in your immediate area.

We can probably all agree that knowing when the bus is coming is…kind of, sort of, important when you’re trying to get somewhere, right? You can read the rest of her journey on Gizmodo. You should also check out this excellently illustrated and well-written story on the privatization of buses in San Francisco.

Bonus: Check out Annalee’s story at Muni Diaries Live about Muni taking on an asshole car driver.

Transit News: BART ridership, BART deaths, Muni guards, Muni challenge, Super Bowl party

This Bay Area transit news roundup features a challenge and an acceptance of that challenge. It’s like the Wild West in here. Read on, and if you have any transit news tips, let us know.

  • BART can’t keep pace with rising ‘crush loads’ (SFGate)
  • BART operator tried desperately to stop train before two deaths (SFGate)
  • Supes let Muni guards keep guns (SFGate)
  • SFTRU challenges S.F. officials to ride Muni for 22 days (SF Chronicle)
  • Politicians accept challenge to ride Muni for 22 days (SFBay)
  • Super Bowl party will kick out F-Market streetcars (SFMSR)

I can’t believe it’s not Fabio on Muni


I wonder who the No. 1 most commonly mistaken celebrity in the world is. Just yesterday at lunch, I was positive that The Jinx‘s Robert Durst was a few seats down from me at the bar. No, it wasn’t him. And yes, I finished my lunch.

Muni rider and friend of Muni Diaries Stephanie sent us the photo above. Methinks this is actually Fabio himself, not a doppelganger. And I am right about this.

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When all else fails on Muni


Alt. title: Until Muni equips its ridership with a well-deserved dining car

Rider Leigh let us know about this crafty fellow passenger she encountered on Muni Metro recently. “Shoe.” That’s Australian for “cup holder.”

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