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Your Holiday Weekend Transit Advisory: Fillmore Street Jazz Festival, July 4 Muni, construction

Fourth of July Holiday Muni Service

Friday: Fourth of July holiday (Observed), Muni will operate on a weekday schedule.

Saturday: Fourth of July holiday, Muni will operate on a Sunday schedule.

Fillmore Street Jazz Festival

Saturday and Sunday:  The Fillmore Street Jazz Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day on Fillmore Street between Jackson and Eddy streets. Please visit for more details.

The following street closures will be required:

From 12 a.m., Saturday to midnight, Sunday

  • Fillmore Street between Jackson and Eddy streets
  • Washington, Wilmot and Clay streets between Webster and Steiner streets
  • Intersections:  Ellis, Wilmot, O’Farrell, Washington and Clay streets at Fillmore Street

From 7 a.m., Saturday to midnight, Sunday

  • O’Farrell Street between Fillmore and Steiner streets

The closure of O’Farrell Street is also designated for the Fillmore Farmers’ Market which will take place from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The following Muni routes will be affected:

  • 1 California
  • 2 Clement
  • 3 Jackson
  • 22 Fillmore
  • 24 Divisadero
  • 31 Balboa
  • 38 Geary
  • 38R Geary Rapid

Monitored bicycle parking will be available on Fillmore Street between Ellis and O’Farrell streets. (more…)

Japan says goodbye to beloved ‘stationmaster cat’


Tama, the calico “stationmaster cat”  who single-handedly single-pawedly brought a Japanese railway line back from the brink of financial collapse, has died.

According to The Telegraph, Tama had climbed the ranks to become president of the Wakayama Electric Railway and was 16 years old at the time of her death. When she was first appointed stationmaster of the rural Kishi Station in Wakayama in 2007, the railway line was struggling and the station had laid off its last human employee.

Tama, who could be spotted walking through the station wearing a tiny railway cap, soon drew crowds, boosting ridership on the line by 55,000 and adding 1.1 billion yen to the local economy.

Railway officials held a shinto-style funeral for Tama at the station over the weekend that drew thousands, notes The Guardian, which says she will be laid to rest at a nearby shrine for cats. Despite the sad news, Kishi station will also continue to have a feline presence. Tama will be succeeded by her apprentice, a calico named Nitana.

Photo by AFP/Getty

Update: Leap bus for sale! Leap bus for sale!


Update (June 29, 2015): Word comes from Henry that this here magic blue bus has sold for a whopping $9,750. For the math-challenged among you, that’s a mere 3,250 precious cups of Blue Bottle single-serve coffee. Jealous? GET IN LINE.

Original post (June 12, 2015): In a Super-Duper-Size helping of schadenfreude, looks like the failed startup Leap, which dared to challenge our beloved/behated Muni, is auctioning off its wares. Or, at least one of their spiffy blue buses.

Muni/SFMTA should soooooooo buy this and let a group of us riders paint a big ol’ hand flippin’ the bird on the sides. Just an idea.

Currently the Leap bus is being listed on First Capitol Auction, Inc. Thanks to Sarah for finding this. She says, “Anyone want to buy a used start-up bus?”

leapbus auction

Private bus service Leap Transit shut down by state
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Gizmodo writer finds the ultimate competitor for Leap buses

You can’t spell BART without ‘rat’


San Francisco will never be New York City. I don’t really see too many similarities, to be honest.

That’s why I was mildly surprised to see this tweet from BART rider Sunday: “#BART rats need food, too.”

I guess she’s right, but, BARF!

If you’re not already following @bartdiaries on Twitter, well, then, what’s wrong with you?