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Watch Japanese Crew Clean a Train in 7 Minutes

How fast can you clean a Muni or BART train? Dateline journalist Charli James went on the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan to film how the crew cleans the train in just 7 minutes. The crew even has a secret button to turn all the chairs around. At the Tokyo train station, 323 trains arrive daily to carry 400,000 passengers.

I can only imagine the Herculean task to clean our trains and buses, knowing what goes on the seats and floors. Is it just me, or are we all fantasizing about this for Muni and BART?

Elderly woman beaten after exiting Muni bus in Chinatown

chinatown bus attack victim
Police are asking for your help in finding the assailant who attacked an elderly woman as she got off a bus in Chinatown last week. The victim’s granddaughter is also posting on social media, hoping to find the attacker who struck her grandmother on Mother’s Day, ABC7 reports.

According to police, the 77-year-old victim was struck at least twice in the head as she was getting off a Muni bus in the Chinatown area on May 10. The assault occurred sometime between noon and 2:30 p.m., possibly on Stockton Street, and the victim remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. According to police reports, the suspect was described to be a black female.

The victim’s family has agreed to release these photos to the public in hopes of finding the attacker.

Investigators believe a Good Samaritan led the injured woman away from the side of the bus after the attack and helped her sit down on the sidewalk. Police would like to talk to him or anyone else who may have witnessed the crime.

The victim is a frequent rider of the 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, 30 Stockton and the 45 Union/ Stockton lines, and often travels between the Japantown and the Chinatown.

If you have any information, email Sergeant Trevor Kelly at, the Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444.

Muni Double Berthing Starts This Sunday


You know that frustrating minute when you’ve arrived at your station and you’re just sitting there waiting for the passengers in the train in front of you to get out? Well, no more of that. Muni is set to start double berthing this Sunday, allowing loading and unloading of passengers of multiple trains at the same time. SFBay’s Jerold Chinn chatted with SFMTA’s Ed Reiskin, director of transportation.

From SFBAy:

Normally, trains inside the Muni Metro have to be in the first position at the station platform to let passengers in and out, which can be a frustrating experience for passengers who can safely get off, but can’t…Though the second train will open its doors in the second position, it will also continue to stop in the first position to pick up and drop off passengers, the transit agency writes on its website.

Double berthing begins in select stations this Sunday. Let us know how it goes for you!

Photo by @sharonhanhdarlin

Best Tattoo That Shows Your SF Local Cred

muni transfer tattoo

And here’s the best way to show how much you heart San Francisco forever. This tattoo was spotted at Dolores Park by @gtiewh02 on Instagram. You can’t describe what it’s like to live in San Francisco without making Muni one of the essential characters. We’ve found a few more amazing Muni tattoos:

Muni transfer tattoo honors family, Bernal Heights
Tattoo honors driver dad
Muni makes an appearance in tattoo declaring San Francisco love

Amazing Photos Inside the Central Subway Tunnel

central subway tunnel 1 abc7

Crews have finished the digging for the 1.7 mile Central Subway Tunnel, which will house the T-line in 2019. ABC7 took a tour of the tunnel and captured some amazing photos of your $241M at work.

media tour central subway

An onsite engineer took the news crew through the tunnel (look for him in the photo below).

central subway by wayne freeman

Check out the rest of the subterranean photo shoot (and video), and more on reporter Wayne Freedman’s Twitter feed  (@waynefreedman) too.