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Your Holiday Transit Advisory: Holiday schedule, Turkey Day run, Critical Mass, tree lighting, construction

Thursday, November 26: For the Thanksgiving Holiday, Muni will operate on a Sunday schedule.

Friday (Black Friday), November 27: Muni will operate on a regular weekday schedule to provide service for those visiting and shopping in the city. There will be no express bus service.

There will be NO Muni express service on the following routes:

  • 1AX California A Express
  • 1BX California B Express
  • 7X Noriega Express
  • 14X Mission Express
  • 30X Marina Express
  • 31AX Balboa A Express
  • 31BX Balboa B Express
  • 38AX Geary A Express
  • 38BX Geary B Express
  • 41 Union (AM and PM)
  • 81X Caltrain Express
  • 82X Levi Plaza Express
  • 83X Mid-Market Express
  • 88 BART Shuttle
  • NX N Express

The following Muni routes will operate on a weekday schedule:

  • 8 Bayshore
  • 8AX Bayshore A Express
  • 8BX Bayshore B Express



Video: Elbo Room sound guy’s Muni B2B ride to top all others

Elbo Room sound dude Gabriel took the Muni Diaries Live stage last month with a story about cutting his SF teeth on Muni, of all places. Riding public transit can really change your perspective of what you should and shouldn’t be afraid of in life, Gabe says. And how did he learn this? By hauling the remainder of his B2B float on Muni while under the influence of Jell-O shots, of course.

There’s nothing like Bay to Breakers to create some sympathy for your fellow Muni riders. From a suburban beginning through Everclear-laden Jell-O shots aboard a pirate ship B2B float, Gabe tells us about how one Muni ride can change how you see San Francisco.

Upset about the Super Bowl/Muni wires thing? Sign this petition!


Last week, we told you about how the Stupid Super Bowl wants to take down our beloved Muni trolley wires on Market Street so they can have their stupid football party, or whatever. Since then, Erik Ogan has created a petition that you can totally sign in an attempt to stop this stupid idea from becoming reality. Go on, sign the petition.

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Photo by @nyxnax