Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Critical Mass, Asian Art Museum Gala, construction

Critical Mass

Friday, February 24: The Critical Mass bicycle ride will begin at Justin Herman Plaza at 6 p.m.

There will be heavy traffic in the area. Motorists are advised to allow extra travel time.

Asian Art Museum Gala

Saturday, March 2: The Asian Art Museum Gala will take place from 6:30 to 11 p.m. in the Museum and on Fulton Street between Larkin and Hyde streets.

February 25 through Saturday, March 4: A street closure of Fulton Street between Larkin and Hyde streets will be required from 6 p.m., Saturday, February 25 through 9 p.m., Saturday, March 4.

There will be no impact on Muni service.

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These guys … freestyling on BART is everything

When I moved to SF back in 2000, one of the first things I noticed about Muni Metro and BART trains is the lack of dancers and musicians on the train, a la NYC subways. That’s why it was especially refreshing to see this submission to @bartdiaries the other day, from Urban Baseball Chick.

I just … how do they … WUT?

Maybe you can help this old man ID exactly what this style of dance is called? It’s not poppin and lockin, or is it? Help!

Best friends form a band just for their pal’s Muni-driving dreams


Courtney Riddle is the zine ambassador of Market Street, selling small handmade books out of a formerly abandoned newspaper kiosk, The Grand Newsstand. She’s been spreading zines to unwitting tourists for more than a year now. But secretly she harbors another aspiration: driving Muni. There’s just one small problem she had to overcome, as she tells the audience in this week’s Muni Diaries podcast episode.

Courtney’s best friends aren’t deterred by anything that stands in the way of her dreams! Naturally, they wrote a song about it and dressed up in coordinating Muni-themed outfits to sing it to the crowd at Muni Diaries Live.

Listen to the episode here:

Episode Extra: Watch Courtney and her friends at Muni Diaries Live. “Courtney for president!”

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Photo by Justina Wu

Update: Muni driver Tammy continues to brighten days


Here at Muni Diaries, we love sequels. Case in point: Muni rider Joshua left the following comment on a post about one of our favorite Muni drivers, Tammy (she of Party on the 33-Stanyan fame). Here’s Joshua:

Met tammy yesterday as i hadnt had the exact of money she just let me hop on the bus while it was raining and i was a little lost in this city…. we had one of the most loveliest conversations about family bonds, human value over money and many more topics….we shared a really nice ride togehter and i hope from my bottom of my heart that she keeps that wonderful ability to brighten the day of everybody around her… tammy you really are a wonderful person and i wish you just the best

Your german son from another mother

Ps: yeah my mom was touched by the story of the lovly bus driver tammy who brought her son savely to his destination and i send you her thanks for that

So much to unpack here! For me, the thing that stands out the most is this bit: “human value over money.” I mean, yes, YES TIMES INFINITY!

Like Joshua, we hope that Tammy continues to “brighten the day of everybody around her.” But also, I’m hoping that Tammy’s world is bright, too.

Photo by Greg

Bad Books Party, featuring books too embarrassing to read on Muni


What books would you be too embarrassed to read on Muni? Fifty Shades of Grey? The Da Vinci Code? This Saturday, we will be at Green Apple Books On the Park, putting aside our dignity to do a dramatic reading of awesomely terrible books (that you probably shouldn’t read in public).

In case you’re wondering where to get the book in the photo above (from Bored Panda), I hate to disappoint you, but this is comedian Scott Rogoswky, who made some hilarious fake book covers to read on the New York City subway. Mmm. What wouldn’t I do for a dramatic reading of “101 Penis-Lengthening Tips”?

J.W. Friedman and Chris Collision, the funny hosts of the popular podcast I Don’t Even Own a Television, will be bringing a selection of their favorite (and least favorite!) bad books to read from.

Special guests (who are bringing their own selection of terrible books):

… and Muni Diaries editor Eugenia, representing nine years of cringe moments on the bus, thanks to y’all.

Bonus: Bring your own bad books for a round of Bad Books Russian Roulette!

Bad Books Party
Saturday, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m.—9 p.m.
Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 9th Ave. in San Francisco

Muni once detoured around hippies in the Haight


Yes, you read that right.

Back in March 1967, the outcry of Sunset residents was loud and serious enough that Muni rerouted Haight Street buses around the growing scourge that was the Haight-Ashbury district.

The Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub (he of this week’s Muni Diaries Podcast) unearthed his paper’s March 29, 1967 edition. There, sharing the front page with JFK’s widow, Jackie Kennedy, was the story by Mel Wax:

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