Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Construction

NEW: Sansome Street Improvement Project

As part of the Muni Forward Program, the existing southbound traffic lane designated for transit, taxis and commercial vehicles on Sansome Street has been extended north from Washington Street to Broadway Street. This extension will provide two-way service for the following Muni routes and will save customers up to three minutes for each southbound trip:

  • 10 Townsend
  • 12 Folsom/Pacific

The Sansome Street Improvement Project is in effect since last Saturday, July 16. This project is part of Muni Forward Program designed to improve customers’ travel time and reliability:

  • The left northbound lane on Sansome Street between Washington and Broadway streets will be converted to a southbound traffic lane with restricted hours designated for use by certain vehicles:
    • Between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., Daily: Only buses, taxis, commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles are allowed.
    • Outside of those hours: All vehicles are allowed.
  • Fifteen metered parking spaces on the west side of Sansome Street in the project area will be converted to commercial loading zones.

During construction and to allow for an adjustment period for the new two-way street configuration, Muni buses will begin to use the new lane on Saturday, August 13.

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Cranky Next Muni signs waiting for 3G

next bus broken sign examiner
Noticed all those Next Muni signs that says, “Registering…” just when you arrive at your bus stop? We saw one of the stops in the Mission that said, “waiting for 3G…”, and the Examiner confirmed that this is indeed what was happening.

From the Examiner:

The culprit is a systems migration for AT&T’s wireless networks, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which runs Muni. AT&T is moving away from its 2G networks and toward 3G, which has impacted some signs, according to SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose.

If you thought that we were actually already in the 4G age, you’re not wrong. Next Muni’s signs depend on the network for GPS information. As AT&T moves the signs toward 3G, it has impacted about 8 percent of signs across the city. The Examiner reports that SFMTA is working on restoring services to these signs.

Meanwhile, you can always relay on this most accurate Next Bus sign in the city.

Photo via SF Examiner

This dog is more civilized than most humans on Muni

dog sitting perfect muni diaries by thrifteye

How to sit gracefully: “Ease into your chair with your knees together. Keep your torso straight without leaning forward. While you will eventually cross your legs, the act of sitting down is identical to the one used for maintaining traditional ladylike posture.”*

Add: Drape your leash gently over your shoulder toward the direction of your human, taking care that there is enough room between you and his seat.

Thanks @thrifteye for this Muni moment. Here are all the amusing moments from the Muni zoo.

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*Source: Wikihow

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