Muni News: SFMTA cracks down on drivers abusing breaks, bus stop consolidation on Van Ness

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This week in Muni news:

Muni slams brakes on drivers abusing breaks. SF Examiner’s Joe Fitzgerald reports that Muni is cracking down on drivers who take excessive breaks, as witnessed by a bus full of passengers on the 9-San Bruno waiting for their driver to get a meal at McDonald’s.

Muni to kick off construction of Twin Peaks tunnel in August. Hoodline reports that the Twin Peaks Tunnel Trackway Improvement project is coming our way this summer. The main purpose is seismic retrofitting to improve stability. Bus shuttles will be in service during the shutdown.

Man waiting for Muni gets knifed in the neck. Bad news. SFist reports that a man waiting for the bus in the Castro was stabbed by another man who walked up to him. He is recovering.

Nine Muni stops on Van Ness to be consolidated. The Examiner reports that nine stops will be eliminated for the bus transit rapid project on Van Ness, affecting the 47, 49, and 91. You can meet the experts (in this case, Michael Schwartz from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority) to learn more next Wednesday.

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Man’s reaction to singing Muni driver is basically how we feel

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Being serenaded by your Muni driver is a rare treat, and this man’s reaction is exactly how we feel about it. From @chaselepard on Instagram:

The bus driver on the 23 was singing the names of the streets. It was a great way to end a hectic Friday.

Commenters who have also been on this driver’s bus made the story even cuter. @lifeinportola says:

The older lady passengers would sing “thaaaaank you!” to him as they left the bus, and he would reply… in song… “haaave a wooonderfuuul weeeeekend!”

Who can blame you for being utterly captivated by the singing driver? Riders have been trying to spot the white whale, recording the musical operator on the 27-Bryant, and again on the 71-Haight-Noriega (even SFGate is on it). If you spot your own singing Muni driver (or just your own Muni moment), tag us @munidiaries on Instagram or Twitter!

Hey artists, here’s a chance to put your art on Muni

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SF Beautiful and the SFMTA are once again calling for artists to submit their work for a chance to be featured inside Muni buses. The Second Annual Muni Art Project is calling for artists to submit original art that will be reproduced for display in 100 Muni buses, doubling the number of buses from last year’s project. A committee will pick finalists and we, the public, will get to vote for the winning artist.

Hat tip to rider Deirdre O for the heads up!

Submissions are due June 17th by 6pm. Here are the submission details.

You may remember seeing some of the great art work from last year’s contest on your daily commute:

Ariel Dunitz-Johnson
ariel dunitz johnson muni diaries art

Phillip Hua:
phillip hua muni diaries art

Reynaldo R. Cayetano Jr.:
reynaldo cayetano muni diaries art

Andria Lo:
andria lo muni diaries art

Todd Berman:
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Clickhole: ‘6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus’


Over on Clickhole today, there’s a post that struck a chord. From 6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus:

I used to bring my own folding chair on the bus, but now I don’t, and I owe it all to the good-hearted people who reassured me that it was okay not to bring a chair.

The thing that really stands out here is that, over the years, we’ve seen a fair number of chair-wielding Muni passengers.

To whit:
Strange Cargo on Muni: Wooden-Chair-Sitting Crooner (above)
Swivel chair swivels on Muni
A new-new BART seat appears on trains

The question is: After reading the inspirational post on Clickhole, will you all be able to quit bringing your own chairs on Muni and BART? Only time will tell.

Random nice gesture on Muni or kind of creepy? You decide

origami muni diaries by saytchy

Here is a kind of cute (I think) Muni moment on the 38-Geary from @saytchy on Instagram, who reports: “Some dude on the bus was making cranes, and offering them to female passengers.”

But what about the dudes, dude? Is this kind of odd or kind of cute? Can’t decide, but I do love a surprise moment or two in my week, like a little drawing or a lovely tune.

What’s your Muni moment of the day? Email us at or tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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