Super Bowl Fan’s Guide to Riding Muni

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Dear Super Bowl Fan,
By now you’ve probably realized that Levi’s Stadium is not in San Francisco, but your hotel most definitely is. Yeah, we know. But instead of standing in line at Super Bowl Fan Village (see our super helpful, super honest map here), we recommend that you get around town on Muni (that’s our bus) like a real local.

In short, Muni is $2.25 a ride, exact change, pay when you get on, keep the transfer (good for any direction for 90 minutes), and pull that cord to get off the bus. If you really want to look like a local, here are our best tips:

2. When the recorded lady tells you to “Please Hold On,” she means it.
3. That’s not water on the seat.
4. Hold on to your cell phone and valuables.
5. Move to the back. No, really. You’ll get off the bus in time.
6. There’s no honest game of dice on the bus.

Photo by brunosuras

Book lovers meet in a totally karmic moment on Muni


Things don’t always … how to say this? Don’t always gel or align on Muni. But when you’re deep into reading an actual book* and look up to see that another rider is reading THE SAME EXACT BOOK*, what else can you do but strike up a convo?

This exact thing happened recently to Muni rider Stan: “Making friends the old fashioned way: talking to strangers about books.”


* these are apparently not extinct creatures

BART unveils new sleeper car


BART really needs to revisit its slogan. It’s not always “BART, and you’re there.” It’s often “BART, and you are lulled to sleep by the stress and activities of your day coupled with the sound and feel of the train’s wheels on the rail tracks, you sleep deeply, miss your stop, and then you’re … well, there.” Just not the there you wanted.

Hey, at least he’s not blocking the entrance/exit to the train?

h/t BART rider L.C.

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