Transit News Digest 2.27.09

For today’s installment, we begin with Matt Yglasias, who found a cool detail in the omnibus budget proposal our president recently sent Congress: $1 billion a year for high-speed rail on top of the $8 billion given through the recently passed stimulus package. Hip-hip, hooray!

Zeroing in on the Bay Area, numerous news orgs are covering planned protests at Fruitvale BART this evening, largely expected to shut the station down and make your Friday commute a little more hellish than it otherwise would’ve been.

And even closer to home in San Francisco, Rescue Muni details the impending action Muni might take against Kavai Muao-Harris, that cranky Muni union worker who f*#ked everyone’s day up a few weeks ago just ‘cuz.

As a reminder: Critical Mass is tonight, so if you’re planning a Muni commute, get ready to wait.

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