Bus Art Dispatch from The New York Times


The Sunday New York Times yesterday had a great op-ed (or “op-art” as they called it) by Miranda Purves and artist Jason Logan. The pic above is a snippet of the drawings they created by spending a lot of time on buses and subways that may be cut back after an MTA vote to reduce funding. Here, Purves explains why they created the project:

Both Jason and I have always been drawn to this phenomenon of people, behaving for the most part civilly, getting from here to there, side by side. And we wanted to find some way to convey the less tangible costs of service cuts and fare hikes.

I too am drawn to the transit-riding experience for this very same reason – the phenomenon of a group of people who otherwise may never encounter one another, sitting together and having a shared experience. Next time I am on a not-so-crowded bus I will draw up a similar diagram to see what I find! (It’d be near suicide to try to draw up something like this on a packed bus like the morning 38Ls…)

Who are some regulars on your bus? (And, wanna send us your own bus art?)

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