“No more bunnies!”

Lucky Bunny

Coming home Wednesday on the 6, it was a typical evening rush-hour crowd. By about 6th St, everyone was squished together in the aisles. Luckily, having gotten on at 2nd, I had a precious seat near the back door.

At about 9th St, the bus driver yells, “Wheelchair coming on, clear the wheelchair seats!” and I’m proud to report that those people dutifully cleared the way as the man in the wheelchair carefully rolled his way down the aisle. Things were looking good; the wheelchair guy was joking around with some other passengers about the difficulty of parallel parking his chair into the space on the bus and no one seemed miffed to have been forced to stand on an already crowded bus.

By 11th St, things had gone sour. There was a man standing near the wheelchair guy loudly talking on his cell phone with someone who he later claimed was at his job, but I’m pretty sure I heard him address them as “Mom” at one point. I couldn’t figure out what he was referring to, but it involved complaining repeatedly about “cats and bunnies.” For about three minutes, it was “bunnies” this and “bunnies” that, until finally the wheelchair man became so irate that he literally screamed, “I DON’T GIVE A F*** ABOUT NO DAMN BUNNIES! SHUT THE HELL UP, MAN!” The cell phone guy tried to keep talking by pretending he hadn’t heard the wheelchair guy, but he eventually had to give up because the yelling was so loud. “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR NO MORE ABOUT YOUR DAMN BUNNIES!” When the cell phone guy meekly tried to defend himself by claiming it was for his job, the wheelchair guy yelled, “YOU’RE NOT AT YOUR JOB NO MORE, YOU’RE ON A DAMN BUS! NO MORE BUNNIES!”

Cell phone guy tried to apologize but it was no use. He got off at the next stop. Wheelchair guy immediately transformed back into Mr. Nice Guy, asking everyone to “watch your toesies!” as he got off two stops later.

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