What? Muni Diaries Editor Named Broke-Ass of the Week?


Hells yeah! And guess what? I’m still broke! But please, don’t take that as a solicitation of money (or underpants). Just keep reading and contributing to this site, and you’ll make this broke-ass’s life that much more enriched.

Big thanks to Stuart for featuring my broke-ass, and showing all sorts of kindness toward the not-so-well-off.

Broke-Ass of the Week — Jeff Hunt from Muni Diaries

This time around our Broke-Ass of the Week is Jeff Hunt from Muni Diaries. When I asked him what he wanted people to know about his site, he had this to say:

We want Muni Diaries to be the place people go to tell and read stories of the crazy and sometimes-poignant shit that happens on Muni and BART. We’ve all got stories and we’ve all heard friends and coworkers spin yarns of their own. Muni is too much a part of life in SF not to be a treasure trove of great stories. Stranger than fiction, often.

Read the rest of the story here.

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