Philosopher’s conversation

conversation on a bus

“You know I am going there because I have to go, not because I want to go. There is a difference between ‘have to’ and ‘want to’.” The woman screamed.
A man approached her and looked like he was kissing her.
Then, he screamed, “There are two type of people in this society; one that has money and one that is drunk. Everyone else is in between. If you are not one of these two, don’t fucking come knock on my door! The light is on, but I won’t answer.”
Approach to the woman again, he makes a Karate-like move. Then, he sits on the chair and screams, “I like Stephen King!”
It is quiet for a moment, then the woman screamed at the man, “At least I know where I am going! But you don’t know where you are going!!”
He screamed back to her, “But I know where I am!”

She repeats, “I know where I am going but you don’t know where you are going!”
He responds, “But I know where I am!” Then they begin to shout back and forth.
”I know where I am going but you don’t know where you are going!”
“But I know where I am!”
“I know where I am going but you don’t know where you are going!”
“But I know where I am!”
The man says, “You know, there are people who have and people who don’t!”
The man continued, “You, you, you what! You want to or you have to what?”
The woman screams back to him, “I tell you here is my answer, ‘I don’t know!’ There are always three answers to everything I want, I have to, and I don’t know!”
She continues, “But I know where I am going and you don’t!”
“But I know where I am!” The man screamed. “Have a seat. There is a seat here” He continued as he pointed to the seat next to him.
But she screams, “No! Someone’s ass was sitting there! I am not going to put my ass on someone’s asshole!
“Bitch! You are a fucking bitch, you know. You know what I call someone like you? A Hooker! You are a hooker!”
She says, “Hey, don’t limit your view. If you named it but you can’t see beyond it!
He yells, “Bitch!”
“Hey, be careful what you call me because you don’t know who is listening to you!”
He repeats, “You are a fucking bitch!”
She now screams, “You are an asshole!”
“How did you know my nick name?” He is suddenly calm.

I am afraid to turn around and look at them.

The woman screams again, “Don’t, don’t touch me! You don’t know what I want! You don’t know where to touch me!”
“I know where to touch you because I can!”
“You know, you know you are lucky because you are woman. If you were not, I would fucking beat you. But I don’t hit women. You are lucky, bitch!” The man screamed.
A brief moment of silence.
Then loudly the man says, ‘I feel like dancing!’
I look around to the other people on the train. They all look a little uncomfortable but somehow they seemed to be enjoying the live entertainment. I look a guy next to me. He has little self-help book. My eyes are stopped by the quote on the book’s cover, saying,
“Forgive to be free…”
The woman screams some more words that I could not understand, but the man responded calmly, “How did you know my name?”
The door opened and after the door closed I heard only quiet ordinary train. There was no more screaming, yelling. I looked back. They were gone.
I did not even thank them.

Photo by Flickr user frzw

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