Photo Diary: Bacon and Awesome F Car Operator

Rider Chris sent in this photo diary. I want my bacon!


I took this photo in the Colma BART bathroom and was very confused. If I hadn’t stopped eating meat, I probably would have asked the station agent where my bacon was. I got home and randomly found this online, then it all made sense.

(More photos and the awesome F car operator after the jump)


This F car operator was very VERY friendly. She was all smiles and cheery, announced the stops clearly with enthusiasm, and made sure people who wanted to get on got on, and those who wanted to get off got off. She even showed some tourists where to catch the 47/49 at Van Ness and Market. And she did at all efficiently too. You think Muni can clone her please?


I guess he couldn’t wait to get home to have a cold one (Budweiser)

On the same bus, around the same time, on the next day, I saw a guy sitting in almost the exact same seat, except he couldn’t wait for the Wolverine movie to come out on DVD, he was watching it on his iPhone. I’m pretty sure he was missing half the movie, or that was a really long bus ride.

How was your day on Muni today? Send us your Muni diary in words, photos, or video.

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