I Dream of Muni: Geary Rail Line, and Sutro Witches

Lennies attack the border between San Francisco's Central and Outer Richmond!

Beth W. sent this to us via email, all about a rad dream she had the other night. Ah, we can still dream, can’t we?

I dreamed Friday night that there was another LRV Muni line. Its tracks ran along Geary all the way to the cliffs above Ocean Beach, and stopped at the very edge of the cliffs. Instead of having a letter for its line name it had a number (4, which currently belongs to Sutter). I found out about it because I was down on the beach talking to some women who claimed to be witches who did magic in the caves underneath the cliffs. They said some huge disaster had happened years ago, making the line inoperable. I was really excited to learn about it — somehow I had never noticed the tracks on the roadway before.

After talking to these women, I climbed up to the clifftop and, sure enough, saw the tracks. But then a train came along, even though apparently the line hadn’t operated in years. Of course I climbed on board! But the train cars weren’t the normal ones — they were rounded and dark red on the exterior, and had the tops cut off, kind of like those open-air tour buses. I rode all the way downtown. It was full of passengers, all of whom seemed excited to ride the new line.

I love it when I dream about things in SF that don’t exist. Has anyone else had a crazy Muni dream?

Send us your dreams, fantasies, and real-life experiences on Muni!

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  • I had a dream once that involved MUNI getting me to work in a reasonable amount of time. It was immediately followed by the real life nightmare of emarking on said MUNI commute when I awoke.

  • Beth, I had a dream yesterday that SFMTA converted all Muni buses to open-air cable car style seating, except they were still electric but just open air with seats facing out. I climbed aboard one happily, asking the drivers and passengers when this had happened. And then in my dream I thought, “Why didn’t we post this on Muni Diaries?”

  • Once I had a dream that Muni extended itself to France. It was really exciting.

  • DT

    The A line used to run on Geary and the B on Balboa. They repaved inner Balboa recently and you could see the tracks between 10th & 12th Avenues until they paved over them again.

  • Dexter Wong

    Well, actually the A ran on Geary to 10th, then down 10th to Fulton. The original B tan on Geary from 10th to 33rd. Soon afterward the B was extended to Downtown and eventually replaced the A, which discontinued in 1926. At the other end the B was extended down 33rd and Balboa to a loop at La Playa. The Market St. Ry. ( a private co. absorbed by Muni in 1944) built the 31 line on Balboa in the late 1920s, the last streetcar built by the company. It ran out to 30th Ave.

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