Snakes on the 9!

From the Muni Diaries submissions inbox:

This actually happened in 2001, but this I just heard about this site today so….

New years eve 2001/2002, I decided to go to one of those giant raves they used to have at the Cow Palace. I lived downtown, so took the 9 out to the Cow Palace. The trip there and the party were uneventful, but ride home was surreal.

A few stops down the line a guy gets on and sits down near me. He was a big ripped dude, probably 6’6″ 250lbs. He was wearing what looked like a prisoner jumpsuit, and had a cast on his arm. He was sweating like crazy and his eyes were bugging out of his skull.

He was sitting across from me near the back of the bus. He kept twitching and muttering under his breath, standing up then sitting right back down. The only word i could make out was “snakes”. Before long he started asking people if they have seen the snakes on the bus. Of course, nobody had, and this just starts to agitate him.

Three stops in a row he screamed, jumped up and ran out the back door, around the bus, and back in the front door, and sat back down. For some reason I was sitting kind of crosslegged, with my legs up off the ground. He jumped up and started yelling right in my face, asking if there are snakes. “If there are no snakes, why are you keeping your feet off the ground?!” After maybe a minute of this, he gets even closer and tells me that if I lied, and there ARE snakes on the bus, he is gonna KILL ME.

As soon as he stopped focusing on me I went up and sat behind the driver. At the next stop, I heard him screaming and freaking out again. He ran off the bus, this time just bolting out into the darkness and not getting back on.

I wonder if the snakes finally found him.

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