Time to Sport Those Leopard-Printed Undies


Update: Please send in pictures and stories if you participate or witness the ride tomorrow.

Original post: This one is totally up my alley. Tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 10, is the 8th annual “no pants” subway day. If you’re like me and keep your fashion gems hidden under antiquated garb, then tomorrow is your day to expose (literally) your fashion prowess. Show off your cool undies and socks while going totally pantless without a hint of guilt.

Brave partakers rendezvous at Dalva in the Mission at 2 p.m., then head to the 16th Street BART at 2:30 p.m. and ride around for what will surely be a crowd-arousing event. You’ll get off at Embarcadero, take the N, and finish the revelry in the Castro.

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