Horse phooey!

The following words and image came to our gmail from vivian:

The city of SF and muni continues to amaze me. Besides having to endure the always “colorful” 47/49 on my commute to & from work, I now have the pleasure of walking past huge piles of crap next to the stop @ North Point. For TWO days now this lovely pile has been sitting here hanging out greeting tourists as the make their way over to Ghiradelli [sic] Square. Are there wild horses roaming around that I don’t know about?

It’s amazing that tourists still visit our city given how we don’t really give a crap about keeping it nice and clean for them. I guess we natives can just pass along stories to you muni diaries to share in the pain and misery. 🙂


Step in something on or around Muni lately? Send us stories and photos!

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