Muni trip turned Muni strip

Muni rider, not pole dancer
Photo by Flickr user lexflex

The following account by Sonia involves real people doing real things. Really.

My mighty, mighty good man David and I were heading to an A’s game and decided to take the T-train from our apartment in Dogpatch to Embarcadero, where we could catch BART to the Oakland Coliseum or whatever it is called now. (For the record, I am a Giants fan, but David likes the A’s. Since both of us are good sports, we go to both teams’ games. Apparently, this is a no-no in the Bay Area. Too bad!)

So anyway, apparently, we picked the wrong weekend to use public transportation. Not only was it Gay Pride Weekend, but the Vans Warped Tour was also going on. The T was positively packed with drunk, sunburned people.

Even though the train was crowded, a woman in her tiny shorts, halter top and stripper heels decided to treat the handrail like a stripper pole. She lifted herself up and swung her leg over the railing, hanging upside down.

David: “OK, G-String Diva, we get it. Now, which one of your relatives touched you?”

Stripperella’s friend thought it was, like, the most awesome-ist thing ever. Everyone else on the train was not enjoying the free show.

If you’ve got tales of umbrage aboard public transportation, please, let us know.


  • Classy!
    Wonder if she was with the Warped Tour group or the Gay Pride group… Or was she headed to the ball game?

  • She was definitely with the Warped Tour group. Thankfully, she wasn’t going where we were going.

  • Tiffany

    You dared me to!

  • You are always doing that, Tiff. Going to all-day concerts in your stripper heels and short shorts …

  • Chibbs

    “O.K., . . . we get it . . . now, which one of your relatives touched you?” That has got to be one of the all time best lines I’ve heard in many years, if not a good solid decade. I suspect it would be lost on most, and fly over their addled heads, but reading it here has made my day, and I plan to pass this wonderful retort along with its story to a good circle of friends who will appreciate the humor and wit. Thank you — priceless.

  • I have to admit, I have always wanted to pull a stunt like that (minus the stripper shoes, tiny shorts and halter top) and not on a packed train. I’d have to have a lot of alcohol in me first.

    • eugenia

      Why didn’t I think of doing this on my photoshoot with Julie? I had an empty bus! Oh wait, I know why. It’s tacky. Also I am more likely to injure myself doing this stunt than causing erotic reactions from anybody.

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