Smoking Bus Driver Caught on Video

[Regrettably, the video originally embedded in this post has been removed from Flickr.]

Last week, we posted a photo by crow_soup that purported to show a Muni bus operator smoking inside his bus. This blogger believed the evidence shown there, but some commenters questioned what was actually being shown.

So crow_soup went and shot himself some video. Video showing irrefutably that the driver in question is indeed tokin’ it, right there in the comfort of his comfortable bus driver’s seat.

Anyone care to argue now? Oh, and hey, crow_soup, I’m also with Rachel: Are you going to report this outrageous behavior?

Thx: @crow_soup


  • suckerpunch

    Unless he is smoking while doing his route, or smoking INSTEAD of doing his route, what’s the big deal here? I mean I know what the big deal is, I am not sure just why its such a big deal.

    • yeah, perhaps it’s a one-off. and maybe we can say it’s fairly harmless. but to me, it’s a brazen disregard for standards and decency. i’m not familiar enough with Muni/MTA regulations, but i have to imagine this flies in their face. and it’s the kind of behavior that would be a big fucking problem if everyone who felt like it did it. why does this guy feel entitled to do this? is my question.

  • Eugenia

    Were there passengers on the bus? If he’s on his break, he’s really not affecting anybody else imo, so what’s the big deal – I’m with you there, suckerpunch.

    I mean, people take cigarette breaks. He just happens to have a job where the only place he can take a cigarette break is around a bus.

    But if there were passengers and he were smoking, that’s a whole other different thing.

  • Smoking with the doors and windows open, lots of air flow, no passengers and you’re on your break, fine. But I’d hate to get on a bus that reeked of cigarette smoke… not that they don’t often smell like cigarettes, pot, sharpies, etc. anyway. That said… How hard is it to sit on the bus stairs and smoke, or stand outside the bus and lean against it to smoke?

  • Yeah, sure, what he’s doing against Muni’s rules. And it’s also technically illegal. But come on, do we really expect drivers to obey the law all the time? I mean, there are a lot of laws in the world! Why shouldn’t Muni drivers get to pick and choose which ones to follow?

    I mean, if they’d recently experienced any serious problems — like crashing a bus or a train — then I’d probably want them to pay closer attention to the rules; but I’ve never heard of Muni experiencing any consequences as a result of drivers’ failure to adhere to regulations. No sir, not once.

  • Gross. Get off the bus to smoke. Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s illegal to smoke in public places in San Francisco. So, he hides in his bus. And where is he flicking that ash? Nasty.

  • How can this not be a big deal? This is disgusting – that smell lingers for a LONG time. And this is not an isolated incident – the driver of the 1 California constantly smokes on his break and it’s gross.

    If the drivers cannot be respectful to the buses and passengers, how can they expect passengers to respect them?

    Next time, try to get their badge #. I’d like to see a slew of folks from here and elsewhere call in and report this clown.

  • Busted! No discipline bus driver! How can you do that? Do you know that your endangering the lives of your passenger? You should be discipline. And there is one person doing this, others might follow and that is not acceptable.

  • K2

    For those of you who wonder what the big deal is:

    As someone with a genetic lung disorder, I am sensitive to smoke. I know smoke lingers in confined areas, even if the windows are open. Secondhand smoke is also a known carcinogen.

    Your right to smoke ends where my lungs begin.

  • Hannah

    Once, on the final stop of the 38L line (Point Lobos Ave & 48th) I saw a bus driver smoking a tobacco pipe on his bus.

    It was stopped though.

  • Ken

    As far as the guy with the lug problem, so I can’t smoke anywhere you are is that correct? Most of you guys need to get a f-ing life, the guys is taking a break, you guys kill me always got problems with bus drivers, Leave guy alone, none of you could put up with half the crap they have to put up with from day to day. I am so sick of you wimps, oh,oh, my lungs,my lungs, second hand smoke, it’s going to kill me, global warming. Shut up!!! first of all, how do you know that’s not a electronic cigarette, I smoke them and you could not tell if it’s real or not, if you were in my face, you would not know. Why don’t you worry about your self and mind your dam business. GET A LIFE!!! I hate you every thing must be perfect people, you make me sick.

  • Jim

    I got another one for you…the time I was on the 30 Stockton and the bus driver got off at a street corner and scored a drug buy! Hope he didn’t smoke that while driving his route. Sorry I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture.

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