Contrition and Acceptance on the 10

6 Parnassus
Photo by Flickr user heather

Lady by door gets bumped, says to offender: You could say “excuse me.”

Offender: I did say excuse me!

Lady: You could say it louder.

Offender: EXCUSE ME. How’s that?

Lady: It’s over. Hello, goodbye.

Offender: UGH. *exits*

Lady: Whatever. Bitch.

Morals of the story:
1) Lots of entitled bitchy people ride the bus (specifically the 10, apparently)
2) This is a lot like something that happened to me one morning on BART after I didn’t realize I bumped someone (who then passive-aggressively complained to her friend about me). I turned and apologized, though that didn’t stop her from bumping me later in retaliation (the queen of un-subtlety didn’t realize I could see her smirking and pointing in the window). Children, I tell ya.

If someone said they apologized already, just take their fucking word for it.


  • Diq

    I actually hate people who think they’re entitled to an appology after being bumped on the bus/train. It’s crowded! Always! People will always bump into you, every day! Just let it go, because you’re probably going to bump into someone tomorrow.

  • Reminds me of Tony Long’s bit about Muni drivers at Riders With Drinks. For those not in attendance, Tony decried a general withering of decency over the years, and not only on public transit. Often, Muni rides capsulize some of the worst society has to offer, namely people treating one another with utter disrespect and contempt. That reminds me of my favorite Muni-related Tweet recently:

    “Riding muni in san francisco reminds me of the bar scene in first star wars”

    Well said. Let’s hope no one gets shot or has their arm sliced off with a lightsaber. And let’s respect each other a little, eh?

  • Kevin

    You don’t want to get bumped? Then don’t stand near the door. Seriously. If you are hovering near the door, you will get pushed.

    • it’s more like: don’t wanna get bumped? stay inside your house and never leave. if you bump people more than a reasonable amount, say excuse me. if someone says excuse me, acknowledge it. you’re not the only person in the world, and you’re just gonna have to face the fact that we share a lot of this world.

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