Weekend Photo Diary: There Goes One Last Empty Culture Bus

Nathaniel's Folley
Photo by Troy Holden

What a week it’s been! Foremost on just about everyone’s mind, we’re sure (though try to forget it over the weekend), is the imminent BART strike, set for Monday. This week, the Muni Mind Reader spilled forth the inner-machinations of what’s in store when BART commuters hop over to Muni.

As we head into the weekend, San Francisco tourists should brace themselves — as of Sunday, there will be no more overpriced, yellow (see photo, above) Culture Bus to cart them around the barbarous streets of the city. To commemorate the Culture Bus’s death, SF Appeal is hosting a ride Saturday, and Akit has penned our first Muni Obituary.

There were a couple of days this week where it looked like Muni was actually trying to out-accident itself. First, minutes after a Muni-safety meeting at City Hall on Monday had adjourned, a car done run into a metro LRV at Church and Duboce. Seems it was the car’s fault, but still. Then, Tuesday, an F struck a pedestrian (non-fatally) on Market. Transit chaos, of course, ensued.

On the lighter, fluffier side of Muni, we posted a couple of examples of how not to behave on the bus. First, an eyebrow-raiser about a seemingly hysterical (not to mention just plain rude) mother on the 6. On Wednesday, Tara told us about some bitchy, snippityness and passive-aggressiveness between two passengers on the 10.

Eric G. gave confused outbound J-Church riders some tips, and Joey told us about some really interesting overheard talk on the 38 (hint: involves dragons and aliens, but apparently no wizards).

And we end the week with perhaps our favorite kinds of posts: photo diaries. This week, we ran A Case of the Mondays; a gallery depicting a wedding party on the N-Judah; Tiffany’s capture of some questionable cherry-colored and/or -flavored items on the 21; the oh-so-awesome Flickr set from Octoferret of old and inaccurate Muni signs; and lastly, Beth W.’s shot of a BART platform dancer.

Like we said, what a week! Be sure to cap it with a great weekend, and don’t forget SF Appeal’s Culture Bus death ride tomorrow!


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