L-Taraval Crash This Afternoon

L crash 1
Photo by Earthnik

Update (8:36 p.m.): Earthnik sent us this photo (“one more showing minimal damage to the robust Muni train”)
@munidiaries - one more showing minimal damage to the robust ... on Twitpic

Original post: Our Twitter feed is all abuzz about the L-Taraval crash this afternoon. Reader Kath also sent us an alert from her building guard, who saw the aftermath. According to SFGate:

The inbound L Taraval train was on Taraval Street when it collided with the car heading south on 34th Avenue at 12:09 p.m., Muni said. The male driver of the car was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with unknown injuries.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known. There are stop signs at the intersection for traffic on 34th Avenue but not for traffic on Taraval.

Another pic from Earthnik after the jump:

L crash 2

Not a lot of information about how the accident happened so stay tuned for updates. If you have more pictures of the collision, let us know!


  • not assigning blame here. not at all. but maybe it’s time for cars to stop driving on Muni tracks, for their own good.

  • eugenia

    Another reason not to drive in San Francisco…

  • Frank

    Being at the scene moments after the accident, it’s important to note that this does NOT appear as MUNI’s fault. The car pulled onto the street from a cross street and simply didn’t see the train. The driver was elderly and made a mistake. And Jeff, I live on this street. Any real threat is posed by drivers not stopping for exiting passengers. Even if cars were forbidden from driving on the tracks as they are on Judah, that restriction would not have avoided this accident here. MUNI has it’s issues but behaves well in this neighborhood.

  • Frank: I only meant to imply that LRVs (and often buses, too) and cars are a bad combination.

  • Trixie

    I drive south on the outer numbered avenues from time to time, and I’m always wary because the alphabetical streets (i.e., Taraval) don’t have stop signs. You really have to look carefully to be sure it’s clear when you proceed through the intersection.

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