Going Underground This Weekend

Bay Bridge Construction
Photo by Flickr user planetlight

They say the ferries are nice, too. But site this isn’t Ferry Diaries (idea!).

This post serves as a reminder to readers that with the Bay Bridge closure that begins this Thursday and extends through to next Tuesday morning, BART will be running 24-hour service, with some details that are worth understanding.

  • First, the special schedule begins Friday, Sept. 4 (overnight, what some call Thursday night) and lasts through Monday, Sept. 7.
  • On Monday, during the day, BART will be operating on a Saturday schedule.
  • From 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. on those days, trains will be spaced roughly one hour apart.
  • Trains will only operate 24 hours per day out of the following stations:

East Bay

San Francisco and Peninsula

After knowledge, preparation is power. If you need to move around a lot this weekend, or to bolt out of town, do so armed with the knowledge that you don’t have to know the way to San Jose and back up, around the Bay, to get where you’re going. Oh, and happy Labor Day from BART Diaries!


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