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Pink plastic bags
Photo by Flickr user echoes71

Hi everyone,

Though BART Diaries was begun by the same people who started and moderate Muni Diaries, we’re a whole new beast. We’re about as different as the systems we write about. Sure, Muni and BART have the same goal in mind — moving people for a still relatively low fee from Point A to Point B. But anyone who’s taken a ride (or been taken for a ride, as it were) on both systems knows the vast contrast between the two systems.

So here on BART Diaries, we’ll need to reach out every now and then, to remind you that you make this site what it is. It is your stories, your photos, your news tips, that will fill the posts here.

On that note, we’d like to announce our very own place on Flickr for BART photos. This is a place you can tag your BART photos for potential use as a photo diary, or to be considered for “stock photos,” the more generic pictures we use to enhance almost every post.

So keep on sending your stories to us ( and be sure and tag your Flickr photos to the BART Photos group. Help us spread the word, out to the ends of the lines (talking about you, Millbrae, Richmond, Pittsburg, Dublin and Pleasanton, and Fremont), and let’s shape this into the awesome site it has the potential to be. Happy commuting and storytelling!

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  • Beth W.

    I took this photo after the plastic-bag ban (which apparently went especially after the pink ones) to show that some folks were still handing out plastic bags. The fact that it’s on BART is kinda secondary, but hey, there you go. 🙂

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