Wishful Thinking: Bike-Subway Love Affair

wishful subway bike

Reader Andy B. sent over this lovely picture. From what I can tell this is a subway car dedicated just for bikes, right? Many of my bicyclist friends would be delighted. Think it’s a good idea for BART? At least we could potentially avoid antagonistic situations like this one.

I didn’t recognize the picture immediately but a couple of minutes of dedicated scrolling later, I found that this was taken in Copenhagen, reportedly the most bicycle-friendly city in the world (courtesy of Arkitip Intel and Copenhagenize).

Thanks, Andy!


  • jeff

    aside from all issues of practicality here, i’d just like to go on record as pointing to how cute this train car is. i want to hug it!

  • Emmerich

    These are cars that offer additional space for bicycles (or pushchairs, or wheelchairs) by removing several seats. Cyclists are encouraged (or required, depending on the local policy) to use these cars, but they are not reserved only for bicycles.

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