‘Suspicious Package’ on Muni Near Transbay Terminal (Updates)

transbay closure
Photo by Twitter user a_w_r

Update: 12:15. Turned out it was a bomb scare, KCBS reports. Phew! Streets are being reopened.

Original post:

KCBS is reporting that streets around the Transbay Terminal are closed and people are being evacuated due to…ready for this? A suspicious package found on a Muni bus.

More from KCBS:

The driver of the bus—now parked in front of the terminal near First and Second Streets—told KCBS reporter Doug Sovern at the scene she noticed an item a passenger had left behind that aroused her suspicions.

She described the item as something bigger than a backpack. An alert was issued to every transit agency in the country last week to be on guard for potential backpack bombs after the terrorism-related arrests in New York and Denver.

SFAppeal has street closure information, which impacts the 5, 6, 10, 14, 38, and 108. At 11:20 a.m., AlertSF posted that people should avoid the area for the next 90 minutes, stay inside and avoice windows and glassed areas.


  • Jam

    I much rather have riders be more vigilant about the trashy people who ride Muni than reporting the 1 out of thousands of backpacks left on a bus everyday.

    • Yeah, this seems really 2001 when everybody was talking about “suspicious packages” – what exactly makes a package suspicious? Wires sticking out of it? Ticking sound?

  • Crista

    I’m a little late to the party but I just need to comment!
    Folks know that the Terminal had a lot of homeless. That package was probaly something some guy or gal had to leave behind as it had gotten too heavy…

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