A Match Made On BART


Riders Nick and Lisa were generous enough to share with us the story of how they met…on BART! They were BART commuters who, conveniently (dear readers, you will see the importance of this fact later in the story), parked their cars at the station.

The story goes:

Nick and Lisa both rode the BART train to work everyday. Too shy to say hello or even smile, they continued for months quietly admiring each other without a peep.

Nick told a few close friends about the “BART girl,” while Lisa decided to keep everything about the “BART boy” a secret.

Then one day, as Nick was heading down the escalator, Lisa happened to be walking up the adjoining staircase. Lisa decided to casually look up to catch a glimpse. She found Nick looking back at her with the cutest smile on his face.

Blushing, Lisa smiled back.

After this brief encounter, however, their schedules seemed to conflict, and they did not see each other for several weeks.

Lisa proposed to herself a bold plan sure to capture Nick’s attention. She decided to leave an anonymous note on Nick’s car that read, “YOU ARE A CUTIE. HI.” Simple. Honest. Bold but not scary. She wrote a note and took a chance.

Two days later, as Lisa was walking to her car at the BART station, she noticed Nick sitting in his car. He smiled. He waved. He took off. Lisa got to her car and discovered a note on HER car that read, “No, I think YOU’RE the Cutie. And TAG, You’re IT. 219-0398. Nick. P.S. And if this is the wrong car, please disregard.”

Nick waited patiently for a call from Lisa, hoping she was the one who put the note on his car, and not some crazy stalker.

The conversation lasted four hours that first night. After an amazing first date, a lick of approval from Pixel [the dog], and a wonderful two-year relationship replete with secretly stashed love notes, Nick surprised Lisa by proposing to her on July 8th, their two-year anniversary.

Lisa and Nick got married in August, 2005. They shared the story above in their wedding invitation.

All together now. “Aww! (Sigh!)” More happy BART stories? We heart it ever so much.

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