Weekend Photos

Photo by Flickr user Brian Brooks

It’s been a busy week in transit news:

  • Muni trains benefit from reduced traffic on Market (Streetsblog San Francisco)
  • A bomb scare at the Transbay Terminal turned out to be a bag stuffed with…leather (?!) (SFAppeal)
  • CSI-worthy scene at the Civic Center station. (SFist)
  • N-Judah rider hit by car when exiting train. (N-Judah Chronicles)
  • Charming use of BART station space as practice space for an unexpected sport. (BART Diaries)

We’re all off to the mountains to get some nature time this weekend, but we’re all just one Tweet away, so don’t forget to send us your stories.

Have a great weekend and enjoy these new photos from our Flickr pool.

(UPDATE: Sorry about the late photo credit, guys. My computer went kaput before I went away for the weekend and did not save my latest draft! – Eugenia)

Non-Muni Trauma
Photo by Flickr user Whole Wheat Toast
(From the Trauma shoot)


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