‘Punk Rocker Johnny Cash’ Spotted at BART

my johnny cash bart guy...
Photo by Flickr user fiveinchpixie

The folks over at BART.gov totally get why we love sharing transit stories. They’ve recently featured musician Jesse Morris, whose voice “sounds just like Johnny Cash,” one bystanders has said.

From BART.gov’s feature story:

Jesse Morris, known to many BART riders as “the punk rock Johnny Cash,” does sound uncannily like the country music icon, but he likes to mix it up sometimes with a little punk from the Ramones and the Clash. He has played in stations for years and is perhaps one of the best known BART buskers, part of a tradition of musicians playing in public places for tips, or just for the fun of it.

Read more about how Jesse got started playing music and why he plays at BART stations.

We’re not affiliated with any transit agency (of course you knew that!), but it’s great to see some love for transit stories.

Got another slice of life aboard BART? Let us know.


  • Hey! I know that guy! I’ve taken pictures of his band “The Man Cougars” whom, if you haven’t seen, you should!

  • Thomas Raven

    @ jenner

    good for you, you know him personally?
    cool hair, he must be good since his voice
    is compared to Johnny Cash

    Thomas Raven
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Outsourced IT Support Colorado Springs

  • There are so many great artists out there who simply needs a break or the right time to “get released” to the pop-driven public. Artists like him should never aspire to be popular because they are the gem that only those who truly listens to great music can identify. There should be a group of artists like him who plays in a regular place where people can go and marvel at their talents.

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