Rainy BART Day

They say it’s going to rain. They might be right.
Photo by Flickr user calixtonpix

Yuck, the first storm of the season! We are hearing commuting problems on our Twitter feed about mechanical problems, delays at the West Oakland and Civic Center stations earlier in the morning, and other rainy day transit issues. How was your commute on BART today? Comment and let us know!

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  • jeff

    I don’t ride BART every day, so I don’t know that this is out of the ordinary. I’m guessing it is, but perhaps not as bad as rainy days can be for the system: At 8:30, our East Bay-bound train took six minutes to get tp 16th street. Jerking its way toward Civic Center, which it arrived at much more slowly than normal. Then it got held while the operator walked through all the cars trying to locate a problem with the brakes.

    All told: Where a 10-minute ride would’ve been normal turned into about 20. Despite all of the this, I still wish the city sat atop an extensive underground network of train lines.

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