Deadline near for Muni obituary submissions

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Update (Sunday, October 18, 10 a.m.): The good kind of Muni delay?

Bearing out the comment by insider trading, we’ve confirmed that the scheduled route terminations have been pushed back yet again, this time to early December.

So, we’ll extend our deadline yet again. New deadline for Muni obituaries is Sunday, November 22.

Hi. Just a quick post to remind you to send us your respects for those bus lines going out of service next month. To recap, they are:

* 4-Sutter
* 7-Haight
* 16AX-Noriega “A” Express
* 20-Columbus
* 26-Valencia
* 53-Southern Heights
* 89-Laguna Honda

We’ve received a handful, and have plenty for the 26-Valencia and 20-Columbus. But the other lines sure could use more love. The weekend is a perfect time to pay tribute to your favorite dying Muni line. We’ll be closing the window for submissions at the end of the day Sunday.


  • insider trading

    service changes are actually happening on december 5. leave it to muni to even have service delays on service cuts.

  • insider trading: what’s your source for that date, please?

  • We have confirmed that the routes will be terminated in December now. We’ll decide whether to keep submissions open a little loner, and will report back here on the site.

  • Seven

    So glad they will continue to run always-nearly-empty 66 buses every day and night. Excellent use of resources.

  • Jay

    No more 16 A Express? Why not cut the B also. Commuting is going to be horrible being only left with 71 and the N. Both take well over an hour to Montgomery. 16 AX goes only as far as 4th St but does it in about 35 minutes.

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