Muni, Also a Fun Place to Be

Muni49by Julie_sm
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Julie over at Caliber took this photo on the 49. The kids, gleefully playing a handheld game, didn’t seem to notice her taking the picture. After a few weeks of drama and violence on Muni, I was so thankful to get this picture from Julie. Sometimes — a lot of times — little charming things like this happen on the bus and around the city and make living here all worthwhile again.

Caliber, by the way, is a new, amazing photography website by Bay Area photographers Stuart Dixon, Brad Evans, Troy Holden (formerly Plug1), and Julie Michelle. Check ’em out if you haven’t already!

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  • What a pleasant picture! I love the children’s joyous expressions. Looks like the bus was full of children anyway; must have been after school.

  • Jaq

    Oh, that’s cute. I agree. That doesn’t help a lot when I’m on the bus too.

  • JC

    Thanks for this. You folks have done an awful lot to raise awareness of violence on MUNI and it’s laudable work. And this picture isn’t context or anything similar, it’s just a nice piece of affirmation of a lot of the goodness riding the rails and buses every day. Again, thanks.

  • Terry

    Nice, just a really nice picture!

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