How NOT to go through BART fare gates

Zombie Fare
Photo by Flickr user Orin Zebest

BART rider Beth W. writes in to proffer these suggestions, no-nos you might call them, for passing through fare gates:

* Meander up to the exit, block one of the gates, and then fumble around in your pockets/bag/etc. for your ticket.
* Go through the gates quickly and successfully, then stop walking once the red plastic bits close behind you. For bonus points, start
talking on your cell phone.
* Try to go through one of the gates showing a red circle with a bar through it. Look confused when it doesn’t work. Keep trying.
* Try to get through the gates with an invalid ticket. Get irate when the machine beeps at you. Attempt to slide it through 5 or 6 more times.
* Slide your ticket into the slot for the disabled exit, then try to pick up your ticket from the (nonexistent) spot on top of the machine. If you were in a wheelchair, could you reach up there? No? Then that isn’t where your ticket is.
* Go through the gates with a large suitcase or stroller. Get stuck. Eye passersby pleadingly for help.
* Push your bicycle through the fare gates. Watch as the red gate closes on your bicycle.
* Pay with an exact fare, then throw a tantrum when the machine doesn’t give your ticket back.

    What are your favorite BART fare-gate fails? Share.


    • jeff

      my god, Beth, I think you’ve covered them all.

    • Ed

      I’ll add one more DON’T:

      * Lurk near the gate and then try to dash through after a paying customer properly uses the fare gate.

      I like to spot these people and set them up to try to use me as their ticket. That’s when I come to a dead stop halfway through the gate and strand them in no man’s land.

      I really don’t know why I’m like this.

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