Weekend Photos: Snapshots from the Underground

2.17 Minutes
Photo by Flickr user AlexFromThe510

This week in BART news:
– Federal funding for BART extension to San Jose is looking more likely (SJ Mercury)

– BART derailed in Oakland (KCBS and us)

– BART wouldn’t necessarily bring crime to Livermore, police chief says (Contra Costa Times)

Stay dry out there and enjoy the photos. And, of course, send us BART stories our way. We know more happens on BART than napping, so share it here on BART Diaries!

Coliseum BART B
Photo by Flickr user zokah_921

View from the floor
Photo by Flickr user moppet65535

2009-11-28 08.06
Photo by Flickr user KayVee.INC

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