‘All I want for Christmas is a streetcar’

How to Decorate Streetcars
Photo by Telstar Logistics

A few weeks ago, Todd Lappin sent us these photos of the decoration of Muni’s streetcar fleet for the holidays. Shortly after the post went live, Todd wrote us again to let us know of something making my Texas-raised skin and bones mighty jealous: The Market Street Railway’s nonprofit is sponsoring an event they’re calling Family and Member Days at the Museum on December 19-20 (this coming Friday and Saturday). From 1-4 p.m. on Friday, MSR will run special cars just for kids (hear that commuters!? no angry posts or tweets about children on the F.).

So parents! Clear your schedules, check the weather, dress the wee ones appropriately, and get thee down to Don Chee Way for some charter rides on the pride cars of the fleet. Here’s what Todd has to say:

The MSR gang is organizing a special Family Day charter using the decorated cars, on December 19. It’ll be a special charter for kids, running nonstop from the Railway Museum by the Ferry Building to Pier 39.

Pretty nice. Unlike some white-bearded dudes with red cheeks, our streetcars actually exist. What a cool thing to do to celebrate the holidays.

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